“TVU MC’s Got Talent” in 2020


Every year, Tra Vinh University organizes the contest “TVU MC’s Got Talent” to seek and foster to develop of potential MC seeds among students. November 6, 2020, the Student Association of Tra Vinh University held a preliminary examination round – officially start the journey “TVU MC’s Got Talent” season 4 2020 for TVU students, led by the Communication Club.

The contest received a lot of companionship from organizations, units, and individuals to create a useful playground for all students who are passionate about the MC field and to help young people express themselves actively, creatively, individually, confidently.

Mr. Nguyen Van Tho, Vice Secretary of the Youth Union, President of the Student Union of Tra Vinh University, highly appreciated the organization as well as the contest size, number of contestants, the way of staging and editing the program. He hopes the contest can discover and select students capable of hosting the program, helping them practice their speaking skills in public confidently, as well as flexible and effective situation handling skills. From there, TVU can be fostering talents, creating conditions for them to shine in activities inside and outside TVU.

Chairman of the Communication Club, Standing Deputy Head of the Contest Organizing Committee, Mr. Do Quoc Vinh said that after a week of launching, the Organizing Committee received 45 registration documents. The organizers found that the contest had a strong diffusion among TVU students.

At the preliminary exam night, 45 candidates prepare for themselves the content of the exam within 05 minutes with free topic, insensitive content, cultural and political false content, causing internal division. After the contest, the examiners will ask some questions, and then each candidate has to answer 3 to 5 minutes.

One of the contestants, Huynh Thi Thao Quyen, an English Language student, said: “The contest is an opportunity for us to practice our performance and confidence on stage, guide the first steps in the pursuit of dream and passion in this area.”

After the Preliminary Examination round, the 18 best contestants selected are divided into two teams with the support of 2 advisors. These contestants will compete together in the semifinals, which will be held at 6:30 PM on November 13 at the TVU Learning Resource Center.

Ngoc Thu