TVU student can draw incredibly realistic portraits with pencil


(TVU) – Recently, TVU youth has been “fever” with incredibly vivid portrait paintings drawn by pencil of a student nicknamed Vinh Art. With his passion, Vinh Art brings a different perspective for the seemingly monotonous pencils and creates painting works with deep artistic value.

Vinh Art’s real name is Bui Trung Vinh, born in 1999. Currently, he is a student of Technology and Chemical Engineering (2017), Tra Vinh University. Be a chemistry student, but he has a real passion for portrait painting with pencils.

According to Vinh, the use of portrait photos taken by smartphones to represent or post on social networks is too familiar to young people. However, if you use a portrait drawn with a pencil, it will stay more impression.

An idol “awakens” his passion

Vinh Art shared: “My idol is Heather Rooney – A famous American female artist who has a talent for drawing portraits with advanced techniques. Knowing ‘idol’ through social networks, I have started learning to draw in the 11th grade. From then on, I have begun to love and stick with pencil.”

Vinh Art happily said: “When I first start drawing, I am often criticized because drawing that looks unlike the character. I spend a lot of money on buying pencils because I draw too much wrong. But I do not give up and continue to try to improve my skills.”

Blurring the boundary of “Real – Virtual”

With great technique and ingenuity from its pencil, Vinh Art has transformed the simple and delicate lines into vivid and “soulful” portraits.

When looking at Vinh Art’s pencil-drawn portraits, many people will mistakenly think this is a photo. All because these paintings are drawn so realistically and vividly. At first glance, Vinh Art’s paintings are as authentic and sophisticated as photos.

According to Vinh Art, the time to make each picture usually takes about 3 to 5 days depending on the level of meticulousness and investment in painting with crayons HB, 2B, 4B, 6B, 8B, colleen, prismacolor pencil, faber castell, steadtler graphite.

Put “soul” into the pictures

Most of the models in portrait paintings are girls with gentle and innocent beauty. And Vinh Art’s paintings completely capture the unique features of each person.

He also often painted portraits of some Vietnamese artists, foreign actors, famous people and the request of the customers.

Whether a celebrity or an ordinary customer, Vinh Art still skillfully captures the charisma and beauty of each person. That is also the reason why his paintings have received the love and admiration of many students.

Sharing about the process of completing painting works, Vinh Art said: “For simple paintings, draw with an estimate of the scale, while for pictures that are difficult and have many details, we draw a grid on the paper and original photos to sketch. For accurate proportions, normally when drawing a portrait, draw eyes, nose, mouth and then other details, when drawing details such as eyelashes, eyebrows, hair… I will sharpen the pencil when drawing.

Details with a lot of blacks are usually drawn last to avoid blending into other parts. White details are usually left or using a white gel pen to paint. Other color details are drawn according to perspective, light and dark, bold, fuzzy or clear.

Vinh Art added: In order to have a perfect pencil portrait product, talent is only one part, the most important thing is the meticulousness and patience in every smallest line.

In addition, a successful pencil portrait must clearly tell the delicate of the author. Looking at the painting, everyone can feel its “cool”, simple but not simple.

Some impressive works from Vinh Art

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