TVU student wins third prize in 2023’s OLP


TVU – The Ministry of Education and Training, the Vietnam Association for Information Processing, the Vietnamese Students’ Association, and the Hue University of Sciences on December 8 jointly host the awards and closing ceremony of the 32nd Vietnam Student Olympiad in Informatics (OLP), Procon, and the 2023 ACM/ICPC (ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest) Asia in Hue.

The 32nd Vietnam Student Olympiad in Informatics attracts 78 universities, colleges, and academies across the country. There are nearly 600 students competing in the event, including 67 students in the Super Cup category, 194 students in the Informatics Major category, 92 students in the Non-Informatics and College category, 45 students in the Open-Source Software category, and 13 teams comprising 38 students in PROCON Vietnam.

Particularly, there are 125 teams taking part in the ACM/ICPC Hue City 2023, including 105 Vietnamese teams with a total of 375 students and 20 teams made up of 60 students from 10 universities in Singapore, South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, and the Philippines.

The contest is run only using online judging systems that meet international standards. The whole process of OLP and ICPC is organized on the VNOJ system managed by the Vietnam Olympiad in Informatics Community (VNOI). Additionally, the framework of the Procon programming contest follows Japanese Procon standards, and the OLP open-source software challenge is run as a hackathon.

The event takes place from December 5–8, 2023. Four members of the TVU team—Cao Ka Ka from the IT class of 2020, Nguyen Duc Manh and Duong Van Hiep from the IT class of 2021, and Vo Tan Phat from the IT class of 2023—compete in the Informatics major group and the ICPC. In the end, Duong Van Hiep takes home the third prize in the Informatics major group with his great performance.

The first OLP was held in 1992. After thirty-two years of operation, it has developed into a special occasion for students who are IT and Communications enthusiasts. It now also serves as a space to foster students’ passion for technological research and innovation. Additionally, the contest provides an environment for the discovery and development of numerous IT talents.

By Lan Anh