TVU Students Enjoy Workshop on Food Safety


TVU– 9 June 2016, over one hundred TVU students attended the half-day Nutrition and Food Safety Awareness workshop presented by Ms. Meghan Brockington, the Canadian intern, Marine Institute (MI), Canada.

Food easily becomes unsafe by various ways including inappropriate preservation and using the same kitchen utensils for cooked and uncooked food without appropriate hygiene. “People may get stomachache, food poisoning or other serious health problems by eating unsafe food”, said Meghan Brockington.

In response to the intern, TVU students actively discussed and made many questions on food safety and how to have good food. “Good food plays a very important role in staying our health. Therefore, it is very necessary to know what is good food”, emphasized a student.

Because of diversity of food resources, the intern shared the students how to distinguish safe and unsafe food. She strongly recommended students to apply the tips such as choosing fresh raw materials and cooking it well with clean water.

Ms. Meghan Brockington shares how to choose good food.

This workshop was one of a set of events organized by TVU Department of International Collaboration and Project Promotion (ICO) in accordance with the needs of TVU students and it was also to welcome the 10th Anniversary of Tra Vinh University and the 15th Anniversary of Community College Model.

To welcome the great anniversary and to help TVU students learn more about the reasons and possible solutions for climate change, Ms. Karissa Chandrakate, an intern of Marine Institute also delivered the presentation “Climate Change and Environmental Protection” on 12 May, 2016.

By: Hong Kel