TVU students experimentally planting three heat-resistant varieties of strawberries


From August 2020, Tran Thi Huynh Nhu, a student of the Agricultural Class 2017 carried out a scientific research project named “Trial planting of 3 potted heat-resistant varieties of strawberries in Tra Vinh province”. It is a new idea because strawberry varieties of plants is also a new crop in Tra Vinh province at present.

Three varieties of Heat-resistant Strawberries successfully are tested at TVU Cultivation Experimental Camp as Seohyang Korean Strawberry, Tochiotome Japanese Strawberry, and Newzeland Strawberry supplied from the sources in Da Lat.

Ms. Tran Thi Huynh Nhu, leader of the research project, said: “Through the fact of planting and tending about 600 pots at the experimental camp, the strawberries can adapt to the climatic conditions of Tra Vinh province. The trees grow and develop well from 2 to 3 months to produce fruits. The first time of harvest, on average, each strawberry produces 2 to 4 fruits.”

The experiment was planted in a randomized complete block design (RCRD) in a net house with 12 treatments. Each treatment was repeated three times and consisted of 10 plants.

Strawberry plants are transported and then planted in pots with a diameter of 20 cm placed in a net house. The plants are shielded 60% from direct sunlight with a breathable black net from 9:00 to 17:00 and to be watered to keep moisture 03 times per day for the first month and 02 times per day from the second month.

The strawberry growing process is following the recommendation of the Lam Dong Agricultural Extension Center.

Huynh Nhu said: “Strawberry trees are suitable for a cool climate, with a temperature of 18-22 degrees C, so they are mainly grown in Da Lat. During the start of the trial planting at the experimental camp, when the heat is long, the weather changes suddenly, the temperature difference between day and night is high, so the plants grow and develop poorly. In particular, strawberry weight is not productivity and the strawberries have a sourer taste than ones grown in Dalat.”

Therefore, the strawberry needs to be planted under a black net to avoid the sunshine. If a plant in a greenhouse, it is necessary to have a fan system to ventilate and replenish the water regularly. The plants are watered evenly twice per day in the early morning and the afternoon so that the soil is just enough moisture with clean water to avoid pests and diseases. Do not water a lot to make the waterlogged soil, to make trees die, and should add nutrients for plants to develop well.

With the economic efficiency that strawberry plants bringing, Huynh Nhu is planning to expand the area and willing to share seedlings as well as experience in growing strawberries for residents in the province to replicate this model gradually.

Ngoc Thu