TVU students turn recycled materials into art


TVU – Tra Vinh University holds a contest early on April 19 with the topic “Environmental protection – A journey through creative waste recycling,” in which close to 20 student teams compete to create models of famous landmarks.

The contest, according to Mr. Pham Quoc Khanh, Vice Head of the Student Affairs Department, lets students completely express their creativity in waste recycling. It also helps raise students’ environmental consciousness, as well as foster their creative thinking and teamwork skills.


The participants create models of famous locations in Vietnam using recycled materials, including paper, plastic bottles, bags, straws, styrofoam, ceramics, etc. The artwork must creatively and uniquely communicate the message of environmental conservation while showcasing the beauty of the locations they chose.

This is a meaningful project that promotes creative ways of recycling waste and enhances public understanding of environmental preservation. It also demonstrates a desire to educate the next generation about the preservation of nature and help create a clean, green, and attractive living environment.

In particular, the activity of exchanging scraps for presents draws strong reactions from a large portion of students. They show a great deal of joy and passion when participating in this segment of the event.

“The contest is a really significant experience for me. It helps me spread awareness of environmental preservation, teach me innovative ways to recycle garbage, encourage my creativity, and hone my teamwork skills as well,” says Le Bao Ngoc, a student of the Financial Management class of 2021.

Tra Vinh University has always been at the forefront of preserving the environment, helping to safeguard the quality of life, and encouraging sustainable growth. Moreover, Tra Vinh University has been putting many useful and successful initiatives into practice with the goal of creating a green campus in order to give all students access to a secure, welcoming, and motivating learning environment.


At the conclusion of the event, the organizing committee awards the owners of the best models one first prize, one-second prize, two third prizes, and three consolation prizes.

By Lan Anh