TVU students win top honors at the 2022 Conference on Scientific Research among students in the Mekong Delta region


TVU – On December 27, 2022, Tra Vinh University participates in the Closing Ceremony of the Conference on Scientific Research among Students in the Mekong Delta in 2022 in Can Tho, and 05 topics of excellent Tra Vinh University students receive a certificate of merit from the Organizing Committee.

Tra Vinh University has 10/300 participating topics nearly 4 months after launching registration for the Conference of Scientific Research among students in the Mekong Delta in 2022. Tra Vinh University has 05 topics that were highly appreciated by the jury and awarded certificates of merit based on the report of the author groups at the Conference and the evaluation of the jury, out of a total of 31 winning topics at the Conference recommended.

The winning topics are including Authors group Le Minh Thuan and Huynh Tan Khuong win the First prize in the Economic Council with the topic: “Analysis of factors affecting the decision to repeat purchase of vegetables and fruits of consumers. used at supermarket channels in Tra Vinh City”.

Authors group Bui Dang Khoa, Tran Hoang Nhan, Huynh Nga, Luu Thi Thuy Hai win the Second prize from the Council in the field of Agriculture – Fisheries with the topic: “Effect of substrates after cultivating abalone mushrooms and nutrition supplement to the growth, development and yield of straw mushrooms”.

The topic “Impact of electronic word of mouth on consumers’ intention to buy food via social networks – A study in Tra Vinh City” by Nguyen Thi Huynh Nhu, Ho My Dung, and the project “Analysis of factors influencing students’ decision to continue using ViettelPay at Tra Vinh University” by Tran Quang Thuan and Huynh Tan Khuong win the Third prize.

Nguyen Thi Ngoc Han, author of “Effect of medical examination and treatment service quality on patient satisfaction and intention to continue using the service – A study at Tra Vinh University Hospital”, takes Third prize in the field of Medical and Health Sciences.

The topic “Study on factors influencing the learning outcomes of students of the Faculty of Economics and Law of Tra Vinh University” by Pham Thi Thuy Duong and Huynh Tan Khuong has been chosen to participate in the report. at the Council of Education, Society, and Humanities on Scientific Research among Students in the Mekong Delta in 2022.

Le Minh Thuan, a student from the author group who won first place in the Economic Council, stated: “This accomplishment is the result of a process of learning and comprehension. I am incredibly happy that Tra Vinh University wins the First Prize. This is useful luggage for me to continue my own learning process. The Contest provides an extremely useful platform for me to demonstrate my enthusiasm for scientific research, allowing me to gain additional knowledge and skills.”