TVU – The friendly green university

20 years ago, Tra Vinh University was built between a burst of immense meadows, with white reed flowers fluttering, sunshine and wind.
At that place, the green areas are spread out day by day thoughtfully and meticulously, with the mindset of creating a friendly and modern educational environment to serve the community. The hands are with chalk dust overlaid. After class, they work together to cultivate the small green spaces and corners into a Green University – Tra Vinh University.

Green – clean – beautiful space of the TVU Principal Area

I love TVU – A place for students and lecturers to show their love for TVU

A peaceful morning at building B1 – Resource Development Institute and faculties

The green space of the schoolyard is next to the two oldest buildings of TVU – B2 and B3 block

The lakeside is over with green trees in front of the Engineering and Technology Faculty

TVU Learning Resource Center, a source of knowledge – wings to reach your dreams

Lab room with modern equipment and safe, clean space to help students focus on studying and researching

Familiar and cute friends of TVU students

The road lined with green trees in the campus of the TVU Dormitory

 Reading room, a place to connect students with world knowledge

Tra Vinh University Hospital, which offers quality healthcare and disease treatment opportunities for the community

Over time, the tireless efforts have also paid off. For many years, Tra Vinh University has occupied the Top 200 position of the world’s top 200 sustainable, environmentally friendly green universities according to the UI GreenMetric Ranking and Top 100 universities with positive influence and contribution to society – WURI Ranking.

At the TVU, everything is nurtured, protected every day, and the human soul is also watered and sprouted. The inspiration, enthusiasm, and contributions of many generations of teachers and students follow to fill in every breath of the school. Just like that, the students have been growing up in the cool green and sweet.

Ngoc Thu