Two interns from Marine Institute (MI), Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada are working at Tra Vinh University (TVU)


In the morning on October 24th, 2012, Mr. Vo Hoang Khai, Vice Rector of TVU welcomed and worked with Ms. Lisa Huynh and Ms. Ashlee Waymann, interns of MI. There were representatives of Gender and Community Department (GCD), Center of International Cooperation in Education and Training (Cicet) and International Collaboration and Project Promotion Office.

 A commemorative photo

(From left to right: 3. Ms. Lisa Huynh, 4. Mr. Vo Hoang Khai,  5. Ms. Ashlee Waymannn)

The two interns have received warmest welcome from TVU Rector Board and officials. They had opportunity to explore the university’s training and co-operation activities. Their internship program lasts for five months, from October 23rd, 2012 to March 23rd, 2013. Ms. Lisa Huynh and Ms. Ashlee Waymann are working at GCD as an officer on gender and at Cicet as a training assistant on gender, economics and business respectively.

Closing the meeting, Mr. Vo Hoang Khai sent his wishes to the two interns for beginning to undertake their responsibilities at TVU. He hoped these interns, along with TVU officials will help the university develop the subjects of gender and gender equality.

The meeting’s photo

Translated by Diem Thuy

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