Two scholarships donated to TVU students by Institute of Technology of Cambodia


Contact: Center for Communication and Community Engagement. Tel: 0743.855246 (156)

TRA VINH, June 4, 2014 – on June 2, the delegation of Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC) was warmly welcomed by Mr. Nguyen Tien Dung and Mr. Le Van Don, TVU Vice-Rectors.

 On the side of ITC, Mr. Soy Ty, Director for Undergraduate Programs, Mr. Moeung Noi, Chief of Foundation Year Dept and Mr. An Bunéng, Chief Bureau of Academic Affairs came to select the two TVU eligible students.

In 2014, the seven candidates in the competition are the students who are in majors of Information Technology, Philology and etc…

Mr. An Bunéng said: “Successful candidates are the students who pass mathematics, physics and the face to face interview. The two most excellent students are sponsored 200 USD per student per month by ITC”

The candidate was confident in the interview