Two TVU students receive scholarships of “Raise the valedictorian’s step” in 2021


(TVU) – The program “Raise the valedictorian’s step” is an important annual activity in the chain of activities of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union’s Vietnam Young Talent Support Fund, which is regularly carried out by Tien Phong newspaper. The program’s goal is to recognize and award scholarships to new valedictorians from all over the country who are entering universities and academies under difficult circumstances. Profiles are chosen based on academic achievements, life circumstances, and letters expressing aspirations and overcoming obstacles in order to advance in life.

Tien Phong Newspaper selected 58 valedictorian students with extremely difficult circumstances to award scholarships on December 15, after a period of selection among nearly 200 applications from schools in the South.

The scholarships are primarily for new students in the 2021 class who come from disadvantaged backgrounds and achieve excellent results on the National High School Exam in 2021. As a result, there are two new students: Tran Thi Cam Tu and Tran Thanh Ngan. Students majoring in Pedagogy and Literature at Tra Vinh University’s Faculty of Language – Culture and Arts – Southern Khmer were honored with a scholarship worth 10,000,000 VND and one English lesson from English. The Vietnam American Association is worth ten million VND and contains a number of valuable artifacts.

Cam Tu and Thanh Ngan are Tra Vinh University’s entrance runner-ups, with a combined score of 27 points.

Tran Thanh Ngan, a student, second runner-up in Literature Pedagogy
Tran Thanh Ngan, a student, the second runner-up in Literature Pedagogy

“This is a great motivation for me to overcome difficulties in my current conditions,” said Tran Thanh Ngan, a new student majoring in Literature Education. “A spiritual gift for me and my fellow students to excel in school and in life.”

Thanh Ngan, in addition to excelling in academics, possesses a wide range of athletic abilities. With outstanding achievements such as a gold medal at the Tra Vinh province Karate Championship in 2020, a gold medal in the Tra Vinh Health Association women’s Karate team in 2021, and a bronze medal at the Tra Vinh province Karate Championship in 2020. In 2021, the Tra Vinh province will receive the Consolation Prize for cross-country running.

Tran Thi Cam Tu – runner-up in Literature Pedagogy (2nd place from left)

“Aware of having a difficult family from a young age, Cam Tu has determined that learning is the only way to change her life, so she has tried her best to achieve this goal,” Tran Thi Cam Tu said. Many goals were set, and the results were as good as today.”

During this time, when the Covid-19 epidemic is still affecting society, there is nothing better than having all of our efforts recognized and receiving valuable benefits deserving of an award.

Tin Di