Vietnam-Uzbekistan Asian U23 Championship is on live streaming at TVU Hall


(TVU) – On Saturday afternoon (January 27), the final match of Asian U23 Championship 2018 between Vietnam and Uzbekistan is live streaming at TVU 1000-seat Hall. Students and faculty members are eagerly gathering at the Hall to witness this important moment.

Truong Van Nhut, course-2014 student in medicine emotionally expresses: “I am very surprised and happy when live streaming of the match is held on TVU campus.”

With the same emotion, Tran Thi Minh Thuy, course-2015 student in Office Administration says: “Entering the U23 Asian Championship is the pride for Vietnamese people.”

Messages with wishes of victory are spread quickly under various forms from banners to social media by TVU students.

The live streaming for the final match on 800-inch LED screen, held on TVU over-1000-seat Hall is to meet the aspirations of TVU students and teachers.

By Minh Nhut