VILAS & Tra Vinh University: Training bachelor’s degree program in Economics majoring in Logistics Service Management


From the success in training high-quality human resources, Tra Vinh University has collaborated with VILAS – Vietnam Logistics and Aviation School to implement a bachelor’s degree program in Economics majoring in Logistics Service Management under the Co-op model (Co-operative Education Programs) integrated with international certificates. After graduating, in addition to a bachelor’s degree in Economics, students receive a diploma of International Freight Forwarding Management issued by the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA), valid worldwide. The program is taught in English – Vietnamese bilingual, especially the subjects of the international certificate will be conducted entirely in English by a team of lecturers who are senior managers from leading enterprises in the field of Logistics.

On May 26, 2022, Tra Vinh University established the Logistics and E-Commerce Training Center with the support and appreciation of the Vietnam Association for Logistics Manpower Development (VALOMA) and the leaders of Tra Vinh province. With the function of a formal university training in Logistics Service Management and E-commerce. The center also provides short-term professional courses to improve the quality of human resources in the field of Logistics and E-commerce, especially conducting scientific research activities and projects and consulting on strategic issues and practical solutions in the field of Logistics and E-commerce.

The Logistics and E-commerce training center of Tra Vinh University is oriented to invest in developing training facilities and equipping a simulation room for students’ practical experiences. In addition, the foreign trade practice room gives students a chance to experience jobs related to import and export operations with actual documents of businesses. Students will play different roles in the import and export activities chain, such as import-export sales staff, logistics staff, forwarding staff, etc. The center is expected to build more simulation rooms for freight forwarding management and operation. Students will be introduced specifically to the process of selecting and processing orders in the simulated warehouse and the way of using specialized equipment in current warehouses, such as a pallet jack (a flat transport structure that stably supports goods while being lifted by a forklift), hand trolley, label maker, etc.

The implementation of topics focusing on specific skills will help students acquire not only professional knowledge but also practice each job-related skill. In addition, the center also focuses on training soft skills for students such as teamwork, the ability to grasp situations, the way to recognize and face difficulties, and a sense of responsibility to master knowledge as well as skills in the field of logistics service business, package services from the delivering warehouse to the warehouse receiving goods through a synchronous system from raw material supplying production and business services to storage – warehousing to transportation – delivery of domestic and import-export goods.

In addition to a specialized teaching team, the program is supported and taught by professional managers, leaders, and staff from large enterprises in the Logistics industry. The cooperation in the training program of enterprises participating in the Co-op model, such as Vietnam Association for Logistics Manpower Development (VALOMA), Vietnam Logistics and Aviation School (VILAS), Tan Cang-STC Human Resource Development Limited Company, Ben Nghe Port Company Limited, Nhat Viet Logistics Company, Viettel Post, Tra Bac Joint Stock Company, Nguyen Trinh Trading Production- Private Enterprise, Smart logs, Golden ship, Diamond ltd., Prefer Logistics ltd., and Vietnam Sales and Marketing Director Club (CSMO), have made an important contribution to the improvement of quality and practicality of training program.

The E-commerce Talent Contest of Tra Vinh University: A practical playground that affirmed the university’s training quality and integration

Admission information for Economics major, Logistics service management major, Tra Vinh University.

Selection combination: A00 (Math, Physics, Chemistry); C14 (Math, Literature, Citizenship Education); D01 (Literature, Math, English); D84 (Math, Citizenship Education, English).

For detailed admission information, please access the website:

Or Logistics and E-Commerce Training Center

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By My Nhien