Webinar: Developing Quality Resources in the Era of Global Integration – The Role of Universities


On June 18, Tra Vinh University organizes a webinar at the university level with the topic “Developing Quality Resources in the Era of Global Integration: The Role of Universities” with the participation of more than 100 delegates who are scientists, managers, and lecturers from Vietnam, USA, Philippines, and Thailand through 2 bridge points.

The purpose of the conference is to create a connection between Tra Vinh University and its partners. The meeting also aims to promote the cooperative relationship in the fields of scientific research, exchange, and training fields.

Nguyen Van Nguyen, Director of the Resource Development Institute – Tra Vinh University, said that the seminar is an opportunity for researchers to exchange experiences, results, and research achievements at home and abroad.

The organizers said that they received more than 50 papers. They selected 13 in-depth presentations about the economy, society, science, and technology to report at the conference with two types of Vietnamese-English bilingualism.

The workshop receives practical suggestions and enthusiastic ideas from the delegates, researchers. Besides, it finds out training methods and future directions for Tra Vinh University in particular and universities in the country and the world in general, trains and develops quality resources to meet the complex requirements of integration and globalization.

Pic 1: Dr. Nguyen Van Nguyen speaking at the opening of the workshop

Pic 2: A bridge broadcasting to share English essays

Ngoc Thu