Why do students want to study English language at Tra Vinh University ?


(TVU) – It is said that students should not choose English to be their career. In many points of view, English is a major that only helps to improve language capacity, but does not equip students with the necessary skills for specific professions like other majors. 

That point of view makes English to be considered as one of a “boring” major even though it is recognized as the most influential language in the world in various fields. 

The following writing will give students more information proving that the English language has its specific values that they can fully pursue to be their career in the future. 

You are wondering how different between English learning at high school and English major at university? If the lecture content only revolves in the boring textbooks? All will be revealed by students of the English language major of Tra Vinh University.

Highly practical lessons

Le Thu Lieu, a student of English language in 2019, shared: “Studying in English language, we can develop English language competencies in scientific research and application in fields of translation, English teaching, international cooperation, media, journalism, economics, commerce and services”.

Besides useful professional lessons, English language students of Tra Vinh University also experience interesting and exciting extracurricular activities and accumulate many memorable experiences in their student’s life.

Thanks to regularly making presentations on various topics in class, English language students can improve their skills in listening, speaking, criticizing and problem analyzing. Students also have the opportunity to participate in doing many projects related to their majors and especially to learn with international volunteers.

Learning English in high school mainly stops at reading, listening and doing grammar exercises in prepared outlines. At university, students are required to practice four important skills, including listening, speaking, reading and writing before entering the specialized subjects. This helps students improve their ability to communicate fluently and pronounce correctly. 

Students can cultivate a variety of experiences and skills for themselves such as teamwork, presentations, problem-solving, English communication, plan to make, creative ideas, critical thinking, etc.

With her startup idea “English Innovative Coffee (EIC Shop)”, Duong Thi My Quyen, a student of English Language in 2017, said: “EIC Shop is a combination of English training and Coffee business which aims to provide the community a useful coffee shop model to improve English language skills for students and customers”.

The English Speaking Club (ESC) – a favorite place for students to get together

What do you most expect while entering college? Do you hope to make friends with many people, participate in volunteer programs as well as high collective activities? 

An ideal place to satisfy you is the English Club (ESC). ESC is one of the oldest clubs in Tra Vinh University which has been attracting a large number of students from different majors to participate. The club has created good opportunities for students to be more confident in communication, to learn and exchange experiences to improve their English skills.

Tran Thi Thu Tien, a student of English Language in 2018, shared: “Currently, ESC is not strange to students who are living and studying at Tra Vinh University. Twice a month, students get together to exchange and share experiences, participate in games with diverse topics. In particular, all activities are in English”.

ESC is an exciting academic meeting place, gathering those who always radiate creative and positive energy. Coming to ESC, students have more opportunities to build relationships, thereby improving their communication skills and life experience.

Besides, ESC is also the place to discover and incubate the talents of the Faculty of Foreign Languages. Along with that, the volunteer activities for the community also bring many wonderful memories and interesting seminars for students of the English language in particular and the Faculty of Foreign Language in general. 

“Get Together” – an attractive playground

Get Together is an annual performance program of the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​which aims to encourage, create a useful playground and stimulate an interest in learning and using English among students. According to Dr. Nguyen Thi Phuong Nam, Head of Foreign Language Faculty of Tra Vinh University affirmed that: ‘Over 17 years of organization, Get Together program has attracted a large number of students to participate. This is also an opportunity for students to try their best from giving ideas, making a plan, organizing, editing, staging and directing; especially to improve their skills from selecting works, writing scripts, preparing costumes, designing poster, promoting through music performances, theatricalization of communication activities through songs, dance, drama, modern dance and fashion performance, etc. 

Nguyen Ngoc Thao, a student of English Language in 2017, said: ‘Get Together is a unique and majestic live show with a series of classic songs and works. This activity not only helps students improve their English speaking skills but also learns how to transform into characters and perform in front of many people. In some cases, students can even understand the difficulties that professional actors have to go through to perform completely a play. 

From this writing, hopefully, students will have more knowledge and new perspectives on the English language. And if you are interested in this major, please don’t hesitate to come to Tra Vinh University.

My Nhien