Workshop “Experience in supporting start-up in universities and colleges of the Mekong Delta region”


 (TVU) – How do students start their businesses at school time? What policies can help students of universities and colleges to start their businesses? What do universities and colleges need to do to promote and support students in start-up?… These are issues raised at the Workshop on “Experience in supporting start-up in universities and colleges of the Mekong Delta region”, took place in early July 2020 at Tra Vinh university.

The workshop aims to establish a network of experience sharing in start-up support. Besides, it is also a forum of the business incubators of universities and colleges to share in start-up model under the orientation of project 1665 “Supporting students to start their businesses to 2025” through the presentations.

The early creation of a “start-up ecosystem” and activities to promote entrepreneurship of students, equipping students with start-up knowledge and skills is one of the methods to improve training quality, at the same time create a favorable environment for students to start a business after graduation, contributing to nurture and develop students’ ideas into feasible projects which are implemented in reality.

The workshop gathered articles with rich content focusing on the issues of: start-up supporting model for students; Start-up club; Information and communication activities in start-up; Start-up skill and knowledge training; Experimental business models; Mechanisms and policies to support start-up students; Fund for student start-up support; Solution for commercialization of scientific research products; Co-working space, business incubator; student cooperative…

The workshop received a lot of exchange and discussion ideas from the delegates, the ideas were focused on start-up support under the project 1665 “Supporting students to start their businesses to 2025”; Solutions to create funding sources to support start-up activities; Take advantage of the sharing economy to promote and develop.

Nguyen Minh Hoa, Vice Rector of Tra Vinh university, said: The fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) has a direct impact on training activities. In that context, to deploy creative startups for students, it is necessary to strengthen communication about start-up. Tra Vinh university can be considered as a component of the “Startup ecosystem”, which is the place to nurture start-up talents. In fact, many students trained at Tra Vinh university have started their businesses successfully and become young businessmen in many fields.

Nguyen Dong Hai, Vice Rector of Kien Giang Community College shared that creative start-up is a new issue, whereby Kien Giang Community College has implemented a number of start-up models for students at small scale. The college has closely associated with businesses to adapt well to the change of Industry 4.0, at the same time, attracted businesses to invest in student start-up activities.

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Tran Cao De, Director of the Center for Student Startup Consultant and Support, Can Tho university, said that students’ career skills can be good, but their skills for starting up still remain the gaps. In addition, the university should coordinate with a number of businesses to foster and improve knowledge and skills on start-up for the faculty members and students. The start-up environment is a very important factor, acting as a solid foundation for successful start-up.

Through the view of the speakers at the Workshop, PhD. Nguyen Minh Hoa affirmed, “The program of student start-up support is a big policy of the Government, integrated with the national startup program. This is a practical program for vocational institutions and especially for students. However, to implement the program successfully, it is necessary to have the participation of vocational training institutions, businesses, investors, as well as the whole society. The universities should actively deploy and take measures to support students in the implementation process ”.