Young generation of Tra Vinh University and startup dreams


Over 200 students attended the startup talk show “The young generation of
Tra Vinh University and startup dreams” with Dr. Phillip M. Adams on August
14, 2022, organized by Tra Vinh University.

Dr. Phillip M. Adams spoke on this occasion about his experiences with studies,
career, and starting a business. Dr. Chung Tieu Thuy, Vice-Director of the
International Collaboration and Project Promotion Department, and Mr. Nguyen Van
Vu An, Secretary of the Youth Union and Director of the TVU Center for Innovation
and Entrepreneurship, also took part in the event.

According to Mr. Nguyen Van Vu An, Tra Vinh University has always been showing
concerns about invading the startup spirit to students, offering them the necessary
conditions to start their own business while still in school. Therefore, students would
gain beneficial knowledge, guidance, and experience in startup from the talk show
with Dr. Phillip M. Adams.

Dr. Phillip M. Adams is an adjunct professor at Tra Vinh University. He has three
PhDs in technology, computer science, and law, and has years of experience in
Intellectual Property.

Dr. Philip Adams presented students with tips on how to create startup models,
implement them, and create brands for their startup products. He also shared his own
startup itinerary on the talk show.

A lot of students asked questions during the talk show. Nguyen Khac Tieu Binh, a
student of the English Linguistics class of 2022, questioned whether she should pursue
short courses or a second bachelor’s degree in STEM.

Dr. Phillip M. Adams responded that students who major in Social Sciences and
Humanities or languages ​​have many advantages in terms of knowledge and skills in
those fields; therefore, if they use that knowledge and skills, and accumulate more
STEM knowledge through short courses while still in school, they will have greater
benefits in getting a job in the future.

Pham Quyen Dinh, a student of the Information Technology class of 2020, asked:”
currently majoring in Information Technology, and I want to start a business in
Technology after graduating. I’m not sure if I should trade in electronic equipment
components or web design and applications services.”

The first rule for starting a business, according to Dr. Phillip M. Adams’s answer, is to
assess the market in the field she wanted to enter, and decide on a more distinctive
direction than other businesses. Secondly, both business directions mentioned are
essential, so she should carefully analyze the market before entering into that industry.
Through the talk show, “The Young Generation of Tra Vinh University and Startup
Dreams” with Dr. Phillip M. Adams, students were inspired with the startup spirit, and gained the expertise they needed to overcome obstacles and become successful in their

By Lan Anh