Young people from Tra Vinh help clean up the area of President Ho Chi Minh Temple


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TVU – On April 28, over 100 students, academics, and Buddhists gathered at President Ho Chi Minh Temple in Long Duc, Tra Vinh, for an incense vigil and cleanliness activity. 

The meaningful event was jointly organized by young and enthusiastic intellectuals, including the Phat Quang Buddhist youth group in Tra Vinh, students of the School of Foreign Languages of TVU, and Ward 9 people. Accompanying the program is the presence of Mr. Dinh Quoc Cuong, Deputy Head of Tra Vinh Relic Management Board; Journalist Luong Cuong, Head of the Health & Environment Magazine in HCMC and the South region; Buddhist Nun Thich Nu Lien Hoang, Abbot of Ngoc Quang Pagoda in Tra Vinh; Dr. Huynh Ngoc Tai, Lecturer of the School of Foreign Languages – TVU, Leader of Phat Quang Buddhist youth group in Tra Vinh in Tra Vinh.

These were community service activities to celebrate 30 years of Tra Vinh’s re-establishment (May 1992 – May 2022). The young people enthusiastically participated in the activity both to express gratitude to Uncle Ho and the earlier generations who sacrificed for the peaceful life of today, and at the same time to spread a beautiful message to the community, contributing to the protection of the living environment.

The memorial activity and cleanup started at 8 a.m. and ended around 11 a.m. of the same day. Participants were divided into small groups to incense at Uncle Ho’s Temple. Then each group split up to work in different areas inside and outside the Temple.

“As a student of Tra Vinh University, and a descendant of the great and beloved Uncle Ho, I personally feel very honored and proud to directly visit and incense at Uncle Ho’s Temple. It can be said that without Uncle Ho, we would not have the peace of today, so besides visiting and lighting incense, we also organize together to pick up trash, and clean up around the campus and outside the Temple. This activity is like an act of showing gratitude and respect to Uncle Ho by the students in particular and the Vietnamese people in general,” said Duong Thi Tam Nhu, a student at the School of Foreign Languages.

The event not only connected the young intellectual generation but also had the special participation of generations who had participated in the resistance in Tra Vinh. Young people participated in cleaning while listening to vivid and meaningful stories of the resistance. “I am very happy and proud to contribute with everyone to participate in cleaning Uncle Ho’s Temple. This activity helps us raise the spirit of environmental protection and also solidarity when helping each other to bring about a green – clean – beautiful environment in the locality. In addition, I also had the opportunity to meet uncles who were youth volunteers during the resistance. They joined in picking up trash with us and told us the proud stories of the Vietnamese people in general and of Tra Vinh in particular,” said Tran Duy Tan, a student of the School of Foreign Languages, course 2020.

It can be said that this meaningful and practical program was an educational activity with many values. It has contributed to raising the community’s awareness of preserving and protecting the environment through small, specific and practical actions such as not littering. The participants who are the young generation of Tra Vinh had more opportunities to understand and appreciate their father’s heroic struggle history, thereby developing gratitude to people who sacrificed themselves for the peace and independence of today. In addition, young people have contributed to spreading the message “Vietnamese people do not litter” to the community, contributing to environmental protection, and building a Green – Clean – Beautiful Vietnam.


Lan Anh