An introduction to MRI Scanner Technology


(TVU) – On January 8, at Tra Vinh University, an introduction session on MRI scanner technology took place aiming to develop new technologies and to build a new image from magnetic technology.

The program is organized under the cooperation between the school of Engineering and Technology of Tra Vinh university and the experts from the United States, with the participation of the leaders of Tra Vinh University Hospital, students of the school of Medicine – Pharmacy and the school of Engineering & Technology.

At the meeting, the experts have clarified technology and application of the MRI scanner in supporting effectively to diagnose diseases as well as making the comparison in progress of modern and traditional MRI scanners.

Dr. John Thomas Vaughan, Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Radiology, Director of the Center for Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Columbia University, New York, USA, has given a detailed introduction to the Magnetic Resonance Imaging for the world. It is also the most modern magnetic resonance imaging machine in the world today. It has three main applications which are to examine and clearly see the internal structure of a body, to measure the body measurements, and to monitor psychology and the way to operate brain development. The important function of this machine clearly shows the atherosclerosis of blood vessels with a resolution of up to 50 micrometers. Compare to CT scanners, MRI scanners are safer, easier to use many times, more applicable in many countries around the world, and harmless to the health of patients. This new magnetic resonance imaging technology also uses cloud data storage to help diagnose remotely all over the world.

At the seminar, Dr. David Nghiem, Founder and Chief Scientist at Global Wireless Technology Institute in Minnesota, USA, has presented specifically about the issue on Designing a pacemaker which does not cause dangers in using MRI. He emphasized to the students in designing, “the simpler, the better”. The simplification should be considered to avoid the problems arising in the production process.

Dr. Nguyen Minh Hoa, Dean of the school of Engineering and Technology said that MRI technology was an important part of medical examination and treatment. According to worldwide statistics, up to 90% of the population did not have access to magnetic induction technology. By the way, he also sent his highly appreciation to the experts from the United States who have brought to students and lecturers of the university a lot of useful information on new technology in the fields of health, engineering and technology helping them with their future studies.