Education & Training System

Training Categories:

1. Full-time Training Program

2. Cooperative Training Program

3. Articulation Program

4. E-learning Training Program

5.Continuing Training Program

6. Advanced Credit Program

Performance System:


Admission requirements

For the contribution to the socio-economic development of Tra Vinh in particular and the Mekong Delta and the whole country in general, and in order to match TVU’s mission, stu­dent enrolment is expanded nationwide.

On the basis of these regulations, the institutions will develop their own specific enrolment schemes and publish these on their websites and on the MOET portal website prior to the candidates’ registration; and thereby respond to the responsibil­ity for presenting all the scheme contents and submitting to the MOET.

 TVU enrolment scheme (publicly available on the MOET website at follows the full information required by the MOET. According to the annual enrolment and the MOET regulations, TVU updates the cor­responding enrolment regulations and informs candidates.

To enrol in 2018, candidates have to fulfil the following criteria:

a. Those who graduate at high school level fin the of form of formal education or con­tinuing education) or graduate from middle school, hereafter referred to as high school graduates; candidates graduate from colleges with diploma issued by local institutions. Intermediate graduates who do not hold a high school diploma must complete their study of some high school subjects as regulated.

b. Candidates must be in a good health condition, corresponding to the current regula­tions. For disabled people who are unable to be self-reliant in daily life, as well as study due to toxic chemicals, or who are children of chemical-infected participants, will be considered to do their study with their current health condition in mind.

c. Meeting the requirements for prequalification, if applying for enrolment or taking exams

In order to ensure the compatibility between learners’ ability and the training objectives in the cluster, candidates’ enrolment entries are required in terms of their ability. Specifically, the training objectives require students to have analytical skills, presentation skills and for­eign language skills as an advantage. Accordingly, applicants should enrol in majors of the cluster according to clustered subjects including A00 (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry), A01 (Mathematics, Literature, English), C01 (Language Arts, Mathematics, Physics), and D01 (Language Arts, Mathematics, English), ect…

Counselling for prospective students

Tra Vinh University combines a variety of methods prior to the selection process. For 2018 enrolment, methods and counselling information include:

(, Zalo, phone contacts, etc. The time for online consultancy is from 7am to 5pm on weekdays and weekends).

  • TVU enrolment information is published in mass media in the Mekong River Delta and the whole country;
  • TVU conducts methods of direct consultancy with appropriate time for each activity consisting of:

Providing the enrolment information used for the whole university and related to the specific field and even potential employment opportunities after graduation;

 Take part in enrolment consultancy programs organized by the department of Education and Training in the region;

 Introduce enrolment information at big events co-organized on campus – such as “when I am 18;

 Invite high schools to TVU for a visit along with publishing enrolment information;

Sign agreements with high schools in order to provide regular career consultancy for their students;

Enrolment consultancy and career orientation to high school students within and beyond the province, are also conducted through tours and the green summer vol­untary campaign, which is organized by the University.

In addition, TVU publicly announces the criteria and history of selection for each major of the cluster over the years. These data are reported at the annual consultancy sessions and are published on the TVU website [], in order to ensure that all potential candidates will be able to access the necessary information, which helps them de­cide a proper major within their interest and ability.

Selection procedure

The admission process of official and additional recruitments is announced open, transpar­ent and flexible by each specific time. In 2018, Tra Vinh University adopted three modes of admission (1) results-based selection of the high school examination in 2018; (2) Selection based on review of the high school results and (3) combination of enrolment application review with gift-based exams. Those who ap­ply for majors in business administration, accounting, economics, finance-banking will be selected on the basis of the first two modes, including:

  •  Mode 1: Admission selection is based on high school examination results achieved in 2018. Candidates are registered for unlimited selection of their personal aspirations, which are listed in order of priority from high to low (the first aspiration is listed in the top). At the first selection stage, candidates will be reviewed with equal status, according to the results of examinations, regardless of the priority order of the registration requirements except for the current regulations of the recruitment marks. If a candidate applies the enrolment appli­cation to many institutions/ branches, the selection process is carried out corresponding to the priority of the aspirations; and the candidates will only be admitted from the highest priority on the list of his or her registered aspirations;
  • Mode 2: Admission selection is based on review of high school study results in 2018. The university uses the overall grade point average (grade point average) of each subject within the cluster subject in grade 12 that candidates apply for enrolment. Candidates will be allowed to register two majors from one application form (in the same field of study but with different subject areas), and must show their aspirations in order of their priority from high to low.

In case that there are too many applicants who register to one major that exceeds the publi­cized training quota, the university will conduct the selection process based on two criteria:

  • Ensure the minimum requirements as presented above;

–  Selection to candidates will be prioritized from high to low GPA (including marks of clustered subjects after the addition of priority points), until the university quota is reached. This score scheme is announced on its website ( and the ad­mission portal of the Ministry of Education and Training ( before candidates change their aspirations;

In the case that candidates with the same admission score, priority will be given to appli­cants with higher grade in maths, to ensure that candidates with analytical abilities will be offered the priority in line with the training objectives of these branches).

Ensuring foreign language proficiency

The instruction of language to four training programs is in Vietnamese. Besides, candidates who apply for university-level admission may not compulsorily require English proficiency. However, they must hold a high school diploma or equivalence as a criterion for meeting basic English ability.

For foreign students, prior to joining Vietnamese-instructed courses, must obtain specific requirements of Vietnamese proficiency. For this issue, TVU provides them with a one-year Vietnamese learning course as part of pre-university program and as officially admitted at TVU, these students will take part in an additional advanced Vietnamese course with 10 credits

All new admitted students have to do an English language test in order to place students with their proper English proficiency and before doing their English professional courses.