Units of TVU



1.Party Committee
Tra Vinh University’s Party Committee has the functions of leading the university to implement the guidelines and policy of the party, government’s laws.

2.Labor Union
The Labor Union of Tra Vinh University is the organization that represents the staff. The Union is responsible for protecting the legal and legitimate rights; taking care of the physical and mental needs of its members; building harmonious and stable relations among the labor unionists.

3.Youth Union – Student Association
The Youth Union – Student Association of TVU is the organization that represents the aspirations of the youth and students who are studying at TVU. The general goal of this organization is to unite, mobilize the youth and students; protect the legal rights of members; ensure the environment for the youth and students to learn actively and to improve their moral, political ability and other soft skills. The office of the Youth Union – Student Association is responsible for exchanging information between the union members, youth, students and units in and outside the university in order to perform efficiently its functions and tasks.

4.University Scientific Council
The council has the counseling function helping the Rector in developing scientific and technology research; launching the annual research orientation; promulgating regulations of science and technology activities based on the existing law of science of Vietnam; managing financial resources in accordance with a public, lawful and effective funding utilities; monitoring and evaluating the implementation of science and technology plan in Tra Vinh University; advising to reward the outstanding scientific projects, inventions and discoveries; proposing investment project for equipped facilities and laboratories serving scientific to support research activities of TVU staff and learners.

5.University Advisory Council
The council has the counseling function helping the Rector in making the annual plan and the 5-year plan as well as supporting in strategic development and enhancing ability and reputation of TVU; giving advice on new programs; providing assistance to the training programs based on the needs of the labor market and economic development in the province and neighboring places; establishing the sustainable cooperation between the companies and TVU; helping the graduates with job placements; providing possible contacts with scientists, professors and experts in Vietnam and overseas who can support and give an assessment on the training programs, curriculum and teaching methodology of the university; initiating the awards/scholarships and getting the funding from individuals and organizations for the students with great efforts and best results.

6.University Academic Council
The Academic Council has the function of counseling the Rector in all academic affairs such as defining university academic strategies; establishing short-term and long-term plans related to open, adjust, improve or suspend training programs; suggesting responsibility assignment, allocation of resources and accountability to implement the training programs.


The main missions of Departments and Faculties:
– Developing training programs, teaching and learning plans; organizing training and other educational activities of the university.
– Organizing tech-scientific activities; actively exploring international cooperation projects; collaborating with tech-scientific institutions, Managing teachers, staff and students in the schools.
– Carrying out surveys, labor needs assessment, linking among faculties and departments, instructors and employers, businesses, workers in order to close gaps between training programs and reality and responsive to employers’ needs; performing management on quality, content, training methods and scientific research.
– Developing programs, handouts, teaching materials. Doing research on improving methods of teaching and learning; to propose additional plans, teaching, practice, practicum and scientific experiment equipment maintenance.
– Developing plans and organize the work of political education, ideological, moral and lifestyle for lecturers, teachers, officials, staff and students, fostering professional qualifications for trainers, teachers, officials and employees of the schools.
– Making use of facilities, technical equipment belonging to the school in a safe and effective manner.
– Collaborating with other departments, faculties and units in Tra Vinh University; keeping strong links with social communities, employers and individual units in the country and abroad, in order to enhance the reputation and position of Tra Vinh University.
Currently, Tra Vinh University has been implementing 54 Bachelor programs, 26 Master and 10 Doctoral programs. Besides the general missions, each school has implemented detailed activities to ensure the quality of specific training programs managed by the schools.

1.School of Agriculture and Aquaculture

2.School of Economics and Law

3.School of Foreign Languages

4.School of Engineering and Technology

5.School of Southern Khmer Language, Culture and Arts

6.School of Applied Chemistry

7.School of Political Theory

8.School of Education

9. School of Medicine and Pharmacy

10.School of Public Management, Office Administration

11.School of Foundation Science

12.School of Pre – University

13. School of Odonto- Stomatology


1.Department of Administration
The office has the counseling function, helping the Rector in conducting, carrying out the organizational plan. It is the place for administrating, exchanging information between the Rector Board and other offices as well as staff and students in the university.

2.Department of Human Resources Management
The office has the counseling function, helping the Rector in administrating the human resources of Tra Vinh University in terms of planning, recruiting, training, cultivating, evaluating the staff; ensuring to implement the governmental policies, regulations related to the staff effectively.

3.Department of Financial Affairs
The office function is to help the Rector in developing and managing the financial plans of the university. The office inspects the revenue, expenditures, and financial planning work in the university.
The office is also responsible for managing, receiving, using effectively all the expenses from the government budget; monitoring expenses from the revenue and other sources according to the government regulations about financial management.

4.Department of Facilities Management
The office has the counseling function to help the Rector in managing, purchasing, repairing, maintaining basic facilities of the university for serving the courses of training, scientific research of all the staff and students in the university.
The office is responsible for developing plans to manage the facilities and equipment in the university, inspecting the purchasing process and the maintenance, usage of the materials and equipment in all the departments, faculties, classrooms, laboratories, offices, etc.

5.Department of Student Affairs
The office is responsible for practicing special policies for unprivileged students, selecting merit students for business donors’ scholarships, and implementing the discipline – incentive rules. It organizes and provides students with study-related consultation and services such as health care services, or accommodations to boarding students.

6.Department of Academic Affairs
The office has the counseling function, helping the Rector in planning short-term and long-term programs of the university. It has the role of organizing, conducting, carrying out, evaluating and supervising all the teaching and studying work; taking part in considering and proposing the training purposes, training program, vocational structures, training method and scale, as well as developing the necessary material basis for teaching and studying courses.

7.Department of Assessment
The office has the counseling function including helping the Rector in organizing all activities within TVU’s testing and examination system; coordinating with faculties to organize tests and examinations and to develop question banks/test resources for different subjects, particularly basic or foundation subjects, improve testing/examination methods for more relevance to academic purposes; building procedures for testing, final examination, graduations.

8.Department of Quality Assurance
The Quality Assurance Department has the counseling function including helping the Rector in building and employing the internal quality assurance system effectively; cooperating with related units to exchange experiences and implement suitable national and international quality standards; recommending the Rector Board measures and innovative processes to enhance the training quality; coordinating self-assessment activities at the university and program level.

9.Department of Supervision and Legislation
The office has the counseling function including helping the Rector in inspecting education and training activities in order to improve the efficiency of management, and ensure the implementation of the law effectively; organizing suitable self-inspection activities in accordance with the current regulations of the State, the Ministry of Education and Training for Tra Vinh University.

10.Department of International Collaboration and Project Promotion
The office has the counseling function helping the Rector in organizing and implementing international collaboration activities; developing cooperative relations of TVU conform to the law of Vietnam and International circular; drafting and signing of international cooperative projects, planning the annual international cooperation; holding international conferences and workshops, participating international educational organizations and scientific & technological organizations according to Vietnam’s government’s regulations and MOET’s regulations.

11.Department of Scientific Research Affairs
The office has the counseling function helping the Rector in managing all scientific activities and technology fields; planning, developing orientations of short-term, medium-term and long-term scientific research; organizing scientific operations and technology; organizing activities on the intellectual property of TVU.

12.Department of University Resident Administration
The office has the counseling function to help the Rector in organizing and managing all activities related to boarding students in order to ensure that they have a safe and comfortable living and learning environment.

13.Department of Gender and Community
The office has the counseling function helping the Rector in building the operating plans; arranging and deploying programs in gender and ethnicity for staff and students; combining with the functional board and local government to implement the gender and community development projects effectively.

14.IT Development Unit
The unit has the counseling function helping the Rector in developing information technology infrastructure to serve the entire university’s activities; managing Server system and Network system; supporting staff/faculties to build individual Website, IT helpdesk; repairing IT devices for staff; providing IT solution to serve the community (inside and outside of the Tra Vinh University) involving building Web/Desktop/smartphone applications, Internet of things, Automation system, …

15.Department of Post Graduate Studies
The office has the counseling function helping the Rector in managing and administrating master and doctoral programs of Tra Vinh University, the form of short-term training and professional training to graduate; organizing the training, testing, and performance on learning modules; managing all the feedbacks, advises to construct and develop teaching and learning programs from faculties and schools.

16.Department of Communication and Community Engagement (CCE)
The center is responsible for communication affairs, website development, student engagement and branding for the university; producing media publications and providing training programs relating to communication, website development and public relations to potential students and interested institutions and individuals; organizing and managing events of the university, promoting its branding to communities, international institutions and organizations.

17.TVU Scientific Journal
The aims of the journal are to provide a serious platform for scientists, staff and students of Tra Vinh University as well as other institutions to publish their research results; continuously to work on improving the publication procedure as well as the qualities of the articles in order to be recognized as a prolific platform for scientific publications.


1.Resource Development Institute (RDI)
RDI is in charge of carrying out research and training activities, consulting and offering technical services to communities, contributing to the development of resources for the society and TVU.
The institute is responsible for assisting the Rector in organizing and managing training activities, coordinating with other institutions to offer online and distance learning programs and other continuing education programs; organizing scientific research activities and applying the science into reality; organizing production services, technical consultancy, and technological transfer in order to contribute to the development of resources of Tra Vinh University.

2. TVU Hospital
TVU Hospital with a new model of medical examination and treatment has provided high-quality medical services combined with training and scientific research to meet social needs.
In addition to the main function of medical examination and treatment, TVU Hospital is also a practical training facility for students of health sciences at Tra Vinh University; The students can do scientific research, participate in research projects on public health and epidemiology, or coordinate with health facilities in the province to regularly perform disease prevention tasks and epidemic prevention such as health promotion and education for the community. The hospital has a team of highly qualified personnel, equipment and infrastructure suitable to the degree of its operation.

3.Laboratory School
Laboratory School is responsible for organizing teaching and learning activities for elementary, secondary, high school levels according to the curriculum issued by the MOET; organizing activities such as instructing international interns and volunteers, students and teachers from the Faculty of Education; generating a proper educational environment for teachers and students to do research, improving and renovating teaching methodology; taking care and bringing up young learners.

4.Victory Center for Information Technology and Foreign Languages
The center is responsible for improving the level of foreign languages and informatics for TVU staff, students and local people who want to participate in teaching activities, scientific research, postgraduate studies, and work with foreign specialists and go on business abroad, etc.

5.Center of Science Research, Services and Productions
The center is responsible for assisting in training and scientific research; combining training with scientific research, labor and production; organizing scientific research activities and implementing the application and transfer of technology in order to meet the training, production, and business needs of organizations and individuals in the province and other areas outside the province; introducing jobs to students from TVU and individuals who need employees; offering short-term training courses.

6. Center for Training Partnerships
The center is responsible for creating and maintaining the connection amongst secondary vocational training schools, colleges and universities in and outside Tra Vinh province to carry out in-service training programs, transferring courses from college level to university level and postgraduate courses.

7. Teaching and Learning Center (TLC)
Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) is responsible for supporting departments in curriculum development and Cooperative education, supporting teachers in student-centered teaching and E-Learning, and training soft skills for students.

8. Center for International Collaboration in Education and Training (CiCet)
The Objectives of CiCet is to share knowledge and serve communities through enlarging the cooperation with institutions, universities, individuals in Vietnam and abroad. CiCet commits to providing qualified training programs, good services and a modern learning environment as well.

9. Center for Career
The center is responsible for providing career support and services to students from application through to graduation and finding jobs. It helps students gain real-work experiences during their time studying at the university, prepare students for the working world and make the connections that could ignite students’ career”.

10. Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
The center operated in association with TVU’s Youth Union, empowers all TVU Schools undergraduate and graduate students to advance their entrepreneurial ideas for the benefit of our economy and society; offers innovation courses, workshops, competitions, and other curricula and events that expose students to the concepts of technology innovation and marketplace impact.

11. Center for Product Analyzing and Testing
The center is a scientific business unit that is responsible for providing services of analyzing, testing and researching in fields related to chemistry and materials; training and retraining analyzed skills for interested organizations and individuals.

12. Center for Education in National Defense and Security
The center is responsible for advising the Rector Board in the National Defense and local military affairs in accordance with the local Military Affair Agency and the directions of the Ministry of National Defense; coordinating with other institutions in training teachers and students in National Defense; implementing the National Defense and military activities in the local area.

13. Center for Training and Enterprise Cooperation
The center is responsible for organizing counseling programs on studying abroad, international collaboration training, English training in accordance with the national standard and Common European Framework of Reference; coordinating with businesses and functional units to implement various social, flexible educational activities to meet their needs; investigating about community’s learning need, knowledge and skills enrichment and coordinating with other educational institutes on training courses to meet community’s needs and demands.

14. Center for Climate Change Adaption Research and Community Development Support
The center is responsible for research on climate change adaptation in Tra Vinh province and surrounding areas; coordinating with relevant agencies and localities on advisory for agriculture, fishery and industry; providing suitable training courses in order to raise incomes for local people; designing and constructing environmental processing systems.

15. Learning Resources Center
The Learning Resources Center is responsible for providing information resources to serve the needs in teaching, learning, and scientific researching of the staff, lecturers and students of the university.

16. Institute of Environmental Sciences & Technology
The Institute of Environmental Science and Technology is a unit within Tra Vinh University tasked with organizing, implementing, and supervising research and application programs of new technologies and technological measures to preserve the working environment. At the same time, the Institute is responsible for educating and training highly qualified human resources in the field of environmental technology and other related fields as required by law, as well as providing scientific and technological consulting, education, and training in the field of environmental protection.