Message of Rector

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Minh Hoa
Tra Vinh University

Welcome to Tra Vinh University (TVU),

Tra Vinh University is a public university located in Mekong Delta, the South of Vietnam. It offers a multi-level, multi-disciplinary and multi-training method model for people at all ages, particularly women, ethnic minorities and communities with special demands.

With the motto “Bringing quality learning opportunities to community”, TVU makes much effort to work closely with enterprises for building curriculum and the students’ practicum in the purpose of helping the students gain more practical and useful experience, and creating the best job opportunities for them after graduating.

We are interested in bio-technology, chemical engineering, information technology, clean energy, and free pesticide agriculture to contribute to the economic development of community and the region.

Based on the success of the Vietnam-Canada Community College Project, along with training development in the trend of international integration, TVU has identified that international cooperation is one of its strategic missions. The university continuously expands its international cooperation in terms of scientific research, student and teacher exchange, curriculum development, teaching methodologies, receiving volunteers and training international students, etc… with its partners.

The scientific research and international collaboration have been paid great attention by the university’s partners to help TVU accomplish its goals. Thank you and I look forward to the great contribution of all of you to Tra Vinh University.