Mission & Vision

Tra Vinh University makes its distinction with the specific features:

A university of all people

Tra Vinh University (TVU) operates based on regional communities’ needs, provides trainings based on labour market surveys and local economic conditions, and by conducting scientific research and technological transfers in line with the need of the regional community. The university has established a Program Advising Council for each training program, in which representatives of local agencies, businesses, students, professionals, scientists and parents, are involved in the activities of the Council. Indeed, meeting the communities’ needs and becoming a reliable partner of enterprises is its primary goal.

For the success of students

Students are the central element of all university policies and activities, and the value of the university is evaluated based the on students’ success. In addition, TVU is promoting a lifelong learning model that offers equal learning opportunities for the learners to succeed. TVU’s mission is to help students towards employment and they will also be regarded full support services towards achieving their most desired goals of success.

For female and ethnic minority students

Tra Vinh University is unique in Viet Nam that owns the department of Gender and Community representing the voice of female and ethnic minority students. With a lot of practical activities and general increasing efforts, the department is always acting on behalf of the students, in all activities of the university.

In the period of 2018-2025 and the 2030 vision, Tra Vinh University identifies Vision, Mission, Values, Motto and Educational Philosophy as follows:

  • Vision:

Being a university oriented on the basis of typical and excellent application.

  • Mission:

Tra Vinh University offers multi-disciplinary, multi-level and articulation of trainings, in order to meet the learners’ various and diverse needs; carries out scientific research along with the application hereof, along with technology transfer and social services. All of which contribute to the increase of the learners’ future employment opportunities, improving the quality of life of the communities and promotion of socio-economic development of the region and the whole country.

  • Core values

Devotion, Transparency, Creativity, Friendliness

  • Operational motto

Bringing quality learning opportunities to community

  • Educational philosophy

“With the possession of professional qualification, ethical values and high responsibility, learners will make their personal growth and social development better”

Figure 0.1 TVU educational philosophy

Tra Vinh University believes that education and training are the foundation of society, and that the results not only promote personal development, but also the development of the society as a whole.

The training programs of TVU are designed and developed on the basis of enhancing learners’ capacity of necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes, all which are consulted from the involved parties (including enterprises, employers, skilled workers, scientists, lecturers, students, etc.) in order to ensure that learners are well equipped to enter into the labour force.

It is also believed that the development of the Student-Centred Learning and Teaching System will create the most favourable conditions for learners to specify their appropriate learning plans towards maximizing their potential and strengths, as well as their responsibility for studying, and thereby fostering awareness about lifelong learning.

Tra Vinh University provides the skills and training for learners based on the following principles:

Learners’ capacities will be gradually developed through professional skills, coupled with practice at laboratories, experimental fields, camps and practical experiences at enterprises and agencies, within the scope of the ‚coop’ training model (CO-OP). Additionally, for promoting the learner’s abilities, the university offers students with favourable conditions via lecturers’, general- and financial support so that they can carry out projects as well as scientific research related to the approach of contemporary societal issues and engagement in community activities.

In addition to professional development, soft skills, professional ethics and social responsibility play an essential role. TVU believes that this is an essential tool to help learners to interact with society and thereby apply their professional knowledge and skills to practice. Therefore, these elements are also integrated into the overall training programs of the university.