Faculty of Agriculture and Aquaculture of TVU held the workshop on “soft skills” for students of this faculty


On February 19th, 2012, at campus I, over 200 major students of faculty of Agriculture and Aquaculture attended the workshop on soft skills. The workshop was presented by Ms. Laura-Marie Russell-Hill- an intern coming from Memorial University of Newfoundland in Canada.

At the workshop, Ms. Laura presented the important role of soft skills such as job application, how to deal with job interview, the way to fill in the application form, etc. In her opinion, the applicants should notice on the ways of presenting and providing the information which is required by the employers . Also, they should predict what employers require, to what extent they could adapt and expect what questions would be asked in order to prepare appropriate answers. The applicants could also present their career orientations  for jobs when chosen. She also emphasized that the applicants should give the employers good impression on their special professional knowledge, appearance and ways to make conversation with the employers at the interview.

Besides, the students attended the workshop also asked some related questions such as whether the applicants could suggest the form of interviews such as interviewing through phone, email, or in person; whether they should mention their weakness in the CV or at an interview; the way to react if the applicants do not have experience for the position they apply, etc. All the ideas were discussed  to help students supplement knowledge of soft skills especially the skills of applying for jobs when they are studying at the university as the preparation before graduation.

Written by Thanh Chieu 

Translated by Huynh Trang