Faculty of Linguistics, Southern Khmer Culture and Basic Science held the Final round of the Contest named “The future teacher”


On February 18th, 2012, the Final round of the Contest named “The future teacher” was held by the Faculty of Linguistics, Southern Khmer Culture and Science Basic after the other rounds of the contest ended. Mr. Nguyen Van Sau- Dean of the Faculty, Head of the Contest and the Examiner Board attended.

The contestants of this Round were the students majoring in pedagogical Khmer philology course 2008. They competed in different skills such as teaching, pedagogical understanding and problem solving. The contestants gave teaching periods with the content in the training course. Competing in the form of pedagogical understanding and problem solving, the contestants performed their knowledge, skills of pedagogy that they obtained during their learning and research time at the university. Finally, the Organization Board of the Contest gave one first prize, one third prize and two enc ouraging prizes for four contestants.

At the end of the contest, Mr. Nguyen Van Sau stated that the contestants competed with their effort, flexibilty and creativity, they performed the pedagogical skills needed for their future praticuum and their future career as a teacher.

The contest helped the leaders of the Faculty be able to examine and to evaluate the ability and proficiency of students from which the trainers can evaluate the effectiveness of the training program and teaching methodology to enhance the training quality to demand the society’s needs.

Written by: Tran Hong

Translated by Huynh Trang