January Workshop on Language Testing and Assessment


TVU – 28.1.2015. In the last week of January, TVU instructors of English have participated in a five-day workshop on Language Testing and Assessment conducted by Stephen Walker of Queensland University.

This workshop focuses on the core characteristics of English testing. Participants apply the concepts of validity, reliability and practicality as they design test types.

The workshop also familiarizes 25 participants with fundamental testing principles, including understanding test purpose and choosing relevant texts to make tests more valid and reliable.

‘This January workshop series is part of academic activities funded by the National Foreign Language 2020 Project,’ said participant Thuy-Van Huynh, Deputy Head of TVU Center for Teaching and Learning. ‘It will specifically build out significant capacity for teacher engaging in

language testing and assessment.’

Participants include the majority of TVU School of Foreign Languages academics and English teachers from other units of TVU.

Stephen Walker is a Testing and Assessment Specialist at the Queensland University’s Institute of Continuing & TESOL Education.

News by Aloki Nodi, Center for Communication and Public Engagement