Lab School’s nursery classes embark on educational field trip to foster environmental awareness


TVU – May 17, 2024—Lab School’s nursery classes (TVU) embarked on an exciting field trip to the School of Agriculture and Aquaculture’s aquaculture and experimental farm, immersing young learners in nature’s wonders and instilling environmental stewardship.

The children were captivated by the vibrant greenery of the farm. They observed various animal species and learned about their unique characteristics and behaviours.

The field trip provided hands-on opportunities for children to interact with nature, feed farm animals, collect eggs, and harvest fresh vegetables.

Through interactive activities and guided explanations, children gained valuable insights into the importance of environmental protection and sustainable practices.

This field trip aligns with Tra Vinh University Nursery School’s commitment to fostering a love for nature and environmental awareness among its young pupils. By providing immersive learning experiences, the school aims to nurture well-rounded individuals who appreciate and protect the environment.

Photos available: