Many job opportunities for students in the field of Information Technology


(TVU) – On the morning of May 14th, Tra Vinh University organized a talk show titled “Job Opportunities for Information Technology Students in the 4.0 Era,” featuring insights from experts at the Information Technology Training Center of VTI Group (VTI Academy).

The program was attended by Mr. Do Dang Khoa, the Operations Director of VTI Academy in Ho Chi Minh City; Mr. Truong Minh Tuan, a Program Development Expert at VTI Academy; and Mr. Nguyen Bao An, the Deputy Head of the Information Technology Department, along with 200 students majoring in Information Technology from various academic cohorts.

During the program, the experts from VTI Academy shared insights on the career path to becoming a Full Stack Developer, job opportunities available for students at VTI Academy, and future career directions for students at Tra Vinh University.


Mr. Do Dang Khoa, Operations Director of VTI Academy in Ho Chi Minh City, shared his positive assessment of the job opportunities for students at VTI Academy. He highlighted the quality of the Information Technology program, which has achieved international accreditation from ABET (USA), and expressed his confidence in the training quality at Tra Vinh University.

He stated, “The demand for recruitment in the field of Information Technology has been increasing year by year. However, the number of Information Technology graduates each year falls short of meeting the demand in terms of both quality and quantity. Therefore, I hope that the students in the Information Technology field at Tra Vinh University will meet the strict standards of personnel quality at VTI and in the international market.”