Opening of the 2nd Vietnam Book and Reading Culture Exhibition 2023 at TVU


(TVU) – On April 24, 2023, Tra Vinh University organized the Opening Ceremony and Exhibition of Vietnam Book and Reading Culture Day for the second time in 2023 at Hall B71.101, Centre of Exellence in Learning Resources and Innovation, Zone 1, Tra Vinh University.

Attending the Opening Ceremony are Dr. Phan Quoc Nghia, Vice-Rector of Tra Vinh University, Dr. Tieu Thanh Thuy, Director of Centre of Exellence in Learning Resources and Innovation, and leaders of units of TVU.

In his opening speech, Dr. Phan Quoc Nghia, Vice Rector, said: “Books are spiritual friends, and reading has become an essential need for human beings. In recognition of this significance, Tra Vinh University responds to Vietnam Book and Reading Culture Day with the theme “Books: Awareness – Renewal – Creativity” to honor the value of books and reading culture, cultivate reading culture, and create a shift in promoting good books to students in the university.”

Quế Minh, a student of the 2021 Elementary Education course, shared: “Reading books helps me balance my life, gives me the motivation to overcome difficulties and challenges. One book that helped me have more motivation to rise up is “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living” by author Dale Carnegie. You can come to the Centre of Exellence in Learning Resources and Innovation of Tra Vinh University to find good and meaningful books.”

In addition to the book exhibition, the opening ceremony also had cultural performances, panel discussions on sharing effective reading tips, and a golden bell ringing competition.

Mr. Nguyen Van Vu An, Director of the Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship Center, shared: “To know if a person is wealthy or not, look at their bookshelf. That is a metaphor for the priceless value that books bring to us.”

“Each person will have their own reading needs. If you see books as a form of entertainment, the effectiveness of reading books may not be high. But if you see books as a friend, contemplate each page, and criticize pages that are not reasonable, it will make your reading more effective,” said Mrs. Pham Thi Truc Mai, a lecturer of the School of Engineering and Technology.

As book lovers, let us always read books diligently, cherish, nurture each book, and cultivate our soul through reading.

The second Vietnam Book and Reading Culture Day showcases the beauty of traditional cultural values ​​to honor books and those who make them, develop the reading movement. On the opening day of the exhibition, it attracted many students to visit and read books at the display booths.

The second celebration of Vietnam Book and Reading Culture Day is taking place from April 24th to April 27th, 2023.