Smart Farming – Technological Applications to agricultural production


(TVU) – TVU students and lecturers have successfully implemented the project “Applications of IoT technology with smart sensor systems and applications running on smartphone platform to improve water use efficiency in rice cultivation in the Mekong Delta” funded by the World Bank (WB).

The Mekong Delta provides more than 90% of rice exports. However, with a traditional cultivation, rice requires more water to grow. Facing with climate change and water deficiency, it is necessary to have a new rice cultivation method with using water more efficiently.

In reality, alternate wetting and drying (AWD) technique can save water significantly. However, this technique can cause difficulties for farmers because they need to monitor water levels closely.

Therefore, AWD technique in combination with the applications of IoT technology and smart sensor systems measuring water levels and the applications running on the smartphone platform is one of the best solutions for farmers to effectively manage water for their crops.

More than 80% of farmers agree that AWD with IoT can considerably save their energy and time. Therefore, they express their desire to continue using this technology in the next rice seasons. “When applying this method, I only need to have a smartphone to check the water levels and I can save more water and get higher productivity”, said a farmer in Tra Vinh.

Student Nguyen Khanh Duy, Information Technology Department, Tra Vinh University, a project member said: “The advantage of this system is the ability to automatically monitor water levels and make a warning when the water level exceeds irrigation threshold. Therefore, with a smartphone, farmers can check the water level every day and every stage of rice growth and control the pump remotely.”

“Thanks to the active support from businesses, organizations and individuals and the great contribution from TVU students and lecturers, the project is very successful. TVU considers that one of its missions is to transfer technology to the community to help farmers increase productivity’, said Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pham Tiet Khanh, TVU Rector.