Summary of the qualifying round for the "E-commerce talent" contest


(TVU) – On January 12, 2022, Tra Vinh University organized the
competition of E-commerce talent 2021 for students studying at the
university in the context of the COVID-19 epidemic. The competition was
a useful playground for students, giving them an opportunity to practice
selling the products of cordyceps produced and traded by Tra Vinh

The competition has attracted hundreds of students from different
majors: E-commerce, Business Administration, Accounting, Banking and
Finance, Economics, Law, Pharmacy, Nursing, Information Technology,
English Language, Early Childhood Education, Veterinary Medicine, etc.
In the competition, the students were able to practice doing business,
selling, and making real money from the number of products they sold.
Before entering the preliminary round, the teams were trained in online
sales tactics for two days from Mr. Nguyen Thang Long – Director of ALM
Vietnam, an expert in the field of e-commerce. The teams were also
trained in e-commerce knowledge and skills before entering the official

In the exciting atmosphere of the competition, there were participations
of 33 teams, of which 21 teams have completed the sales plan and
presented business ideas to the jury for evaluation and comments.
In general, the jury highly appreciated the teams' sales ideas and
marketing plans. Ms. Trinh Thi Bich Thao – Director of ANN Joint Stock
Company, commented: “The students were very proactive and
presented quite professionally about their business ideas. The later the
teams got better. In addition, the jury also asked the teams to detail
the target customers, approach methods, and concretize e-Marketing

After the qualifying round, 18 teams that were highly appreciated by the
judges went to the final round. In the final round, the competing teams
showed their selling skills through sales, one of the important criteria to
evaluate which team won the first prize.

To encourage the morale of the qualifying teams, Mr. Luong Thanh Long,
Director of Viettel Tra Vinh Postal Branch, awarded prizes to two teams
with the highest scores in the qualifying round. The first prize of VND
1,000,000 was awarded to the Study Hard & Play Hard team, whereas
the second prize of VND 500,000 belonged to the CS team.

My Nhien