The university at the Mekong Delta contributes to cultural diversity


Universities in the Mekong Delta are increasingly extending the connection and sharing Vietnamese educational values, toward green and sustainable smart campuses.

In the context of international integration and cultural exchange, universities in the Southwest region are increasingly investing in cultural diversity education, aiming to ensure education access for all students, with mutual respect for learners’ languages ​​and cultures.

As one of the universities that focuses on investing in many specific disciplines in the direction of diversification, closely linking the business community in the Southwest region, up to now, Tra Vinh University has about 20,000 students from 40 provinces in the country and Cambodian students are studying at the University.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Diệp Thanh Tùng, Vice-Rector of Tra Vinh University shared: “The important criteria for Cambodian students to choose Tra Vinh University is that the university now has 12 accredited international-standard programs and seven programs by FIBA.”

Tra Vinh University has ranked first in the Mekong Delta with 13 programs that have achieved international education quality accreditation FIBAA, AUN, and ABET. These international certificates and programs have brought practical values ​​to international students who come to exchange cultures, and local students returning to contribute to their homeland.

With the aspiration to reach the world, toward the goal of becoming a green and smart campus, continuing to integrate the quality of international training, universities in the Southwest region are expanding the connection and sharing of educational values in Vietnam.

By Thy Truong


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