Tra Vinh University: Coammunist Party Congress


(TVU) – In the middle of June, 2018, Tra Vinh University Communist Party Committee organized the conference to evaluate the implementation to the Communist Party Resolution.

Overall, Tra Vinh University Communist Party Committee has got achievement on enrolment, scientific research, student management, international collaboration and training programs improvement which have been highly evaluated by Tra Vinh provincial leaders. Aside from this success, difficulties and solutions for its mission implementation in coming years have been identified at the conference.

On behalf of Tra Vinh University, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pham Tiet Khanh, TVU Rector expressed his gratitude to Tra Vinh provincial leaders for their appropriate orientation and direction. Along with Communist Party affairs, the Rector has also made a commitment to continue to enhance the quality of teaching and learning as well as scientific research and technology transfer. Learning facilities and teacher training are the two of top priorities of this university to contribute to its training quality assurance and international standards application, which plays an important role in providing qualified human resources to the province and the region in near future.

By Minh Nhut