Tra Vinh University Hospital achieves Grade II Hospital standards


(TVU) – On September 11, 2023, the Tra Vinh Provincial People’s Committee issued Decision No. 1359/QĐ-UBND recognizing the classification of Tra Vinh University Hospital. Accordingly, Tra Vinh University Hospital is recognized as meeting the standards of Grade II for a period of 5 years from September 11, 2023.

Established in 2017 on the basis of the Polyclinic of Tra Vinh University, the hospital now has over 150 staff and modern medical equipment to provide quality health services and ensure practical training and research for the university’s health science students.

The hospital has modern medical devices to serve examination and treatment for people

With advanced medical equipment such as Mammography, Digital X-ray, CT Scanner, Cardiac Ultrasound Doppler, X-ray machines, and endoscopes, the hospital provides quality diagnosis and treatment for the people.

Tra Vinh University students in practical training

In addition to general medical services, the hospital serves as a practical training facility for the university’s health science students, conducts scientific research, participates in community health and epidemiology studies, provides primary care, and collaborates with other facilities on disease prevention and public health education. It accepts all health insurance cards for treatment without referral paperwork.

With the aspiration to provide access to quality healthcare at reasonable costs, the hospital’s staff constantly strives to develop a modern, comprehensive health system focusing on infrastructure, equipment and quality human resources. The motto is: “Bringing opportunities for quality medical treatment and healthcare to the community.”