Tra Vinh University signs cooperation agreements in Tourism – Restaurants – Hotels


TVU – Tra Vinh University holds a signing ceremony of cooperation agreements with corporations and businesses operating in the field of tourism, restaurants, and hotels on the morning of July 6.

The leaders of TVU take photos with business leaders at the signing ceremony – Photo by Hong Nhung

TVU signs contract with Marriott International (Kingdom of Cambodia), Sai Gon Tour – Tra Vinh Service & Event, Ltd., Tra Vinh Tourist Joint Stock Company, Cuu Long Hotel, and DéJà Vu Huynh Kha Co., Ltd. These agreements aim to strengthen the connection and comprehensively expand the cooperation between TVU and the aforementioned corporations, tourism businesses, restaurants, and hotels.

At the meeting, Mr. Pham Quang Kiet, Director of Sai Gon Tour – Tra Vinh Service & Event, Ltd., Ms. Kha Huynh Ai Hien, Director of DéJà Vu Huynh Kha Co., Ltd., Mr. Duong Van Nhanh, Deputy Director of Cuu Long Hotel, Mr. Luu Thanh Binh, Director of Tra Vinh Tourism Joint Stock Company, a representative of Marriott International (Kingdom of Cambodia), Dr. Thach Thi Dan, Vice-Rector of Tra Vinh University, and Dr. Ngo So Phe, Rector of the School of Southern Khmer Language – Culture – Art and Humanities of Tra Vinh University were present.

The cooperation aims to promote the capacity and strengths of each party in terms of facilities, personnel, and expertise in developing and implementing training programs and professional practice in Tourism and Travel Service Management, Hotel Management, and Restaurant and Catering Management. This collaboration is tailored to meet the needs of the labor market, contributing to improving the training quality of the university and providing high-quality human resources for businesses in particular and the labor market in general.

TVU provides short-term training and retraining for the enterprise’s workforce. They also coordinate with enterprises to implement quality human resource training programs. TVU organizes seminars and talk shows to share information about career orientation, experiences, and future career opportunities. They also provide a forecast of the number of students wishing to do Co-op internships each year. Furthermore, TVU ensures that students possess professional qualifications suitable for recruitment needs and can fulfill job descriptions required by enterprises. The university introduces the business image to the community, students, and employees through communication.

TVU creates favorable conditions for businesses to meet, exchange, share, or introduce their images to the community, students, and employees through events held at the university. 

The leaders of Tra Vinh University, along with representatives of corporations and businesses operating in the field of tourism, restaurants, and hotels, take pictures with TVU students at the signing ceremony – Photo by Hong Nhung

Enterprises collaborate with TVU to deploy Co-op training programs. This includes providing detailed information on the needs of students for Co-op internships and specific job descriptions assigned to students. Enterprises support students during the Co-op period and create optimal conditions for them to carry out the Co-op module at enterprises.

Moreover, enterprises support and create maximum conditions for lecturers and students of the university to visit, practice, and carry out graduation activities at enterprises. They appoint professional staff to participate in consulting the development of training programs, teach modules in the training program, or share practical experiences with students and lecturers. Enterprises also provide consultation for contests, enrollment counseling programs, career orientation, and job fairs organized by the university. They coordinate the implementation of applied research and consulting projects to improve the operational efficiency of both parties. Furthermore, enterprises sponsor scholarships for students and support the university in activities related to the interests of businesses.

By My Nhien