Tra Vinh University signs MoU for clean water technology research and development


(TVU) – On the afternoon of April 27th, Tra Vinh University welcomes and works with a delegation from Aquaworks Group (South Korea) to discuss and sign a Memorandum of Understanding for scientific cooperation in clean water technology research and development, as well as the installation of water treatment equipment.

Welcoming the delegation are Assoc. Prof. Dr Diep Thanh Tung, Vice-Rector of the university, along with representatives from various units within Tra Vinh University.

The Aquaworks Group delegation includes Prof. Dr Yong-il Shin, CEO of the group; Mr Kang Jae Hyoung, Group Advisor; Mr Lee Seung Baek, Assistant; Mr Tran Ma Thuong, Expert; and Dr Pham Van Quan, Rector of Hue Industrial College.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Diep Thanh Tung, Vice Rector, expresses his delight at Aquaworks Group (South Korea) sponsoring and installing water treatment equipment at Tra Vinh University. He states that the signing of the MoU for cooperation in clean water technology research and development is an important step in addressing freshwater scarcity and environmental protection. Research collaboration allows the parties to share knowledge, experience, and resources, thereby promoting the development of new, more efficient, and cost-effective technological solutions.

During the meeting, Prof. Dr. Yong-il Shin, CEO of Aquaworks Group, introduces an overview of the research, improvement, and application of high-speed wastewater treatment technology and current microbial technology. With its outstanding advantages, the group aims to support Tra Vinh University in installing and operating a water treatment system, effectively conserving water resources, protecting the environment, and responding to current climate change.

Both parties agree to sign the Memorandum of Understanding: Aquaworks Group agrees to provide and supply a water treatment equipment cluster for research purposes and as a display area to showcase the products, making it easier for interested parties to study the technology and operations.

They will collaborate on water treatment research and the provision of clean water for production and daily consumption, particularly focusing on topics such as the treatment of ferruginous and saline water in the Mekong Delta region. The program will expand to provide training for human resources to meet the broader development needs in this field.

Aquaworks Group is a leading company in the water environment sector, known for innovation, creativity, technology, and quality distinction. Aquaworks ensures innovative and cutting-edge technologies for membrane-based water treatment and reuse processes while providing water treatment solutions with unique products and technologies, ranging from wastewater treatment process design and construction to the production of highly efficient diffusion machines.