Tra Vinh University welcomes more than 1,200 future students to the Career Orientation Day, 2019.


(TVU) – In the morning of March 31, more than 1,200 high school students from the provinces and cities of the Mekong Delta attended the Career and Admission Orientation Day, 2019 which was taken place at Tra Vinh University.

All high-school students were guided to visit the consulting booths of university departments, to get together in musical exchange and games, enjoy food court and to take part in the career consulting with many admission experts of the university.

Well-delivered activities for the future students

Mr. Nguyen Dong Khoi, the Director of Department for Communication and Community Engagement (CCE) said that the festival played an important role to connect Tra Vinh University with teachers and students of high schools, creating conditions for students to have a practical experiment in learning environment, practice places, living conditions and understand more about training and admission activities of the university this year.

Therefore, the university has delivered many activities including consulting booths of faculties and departments, game areas, musical exchange, food court and the display of student research models and products.

Each consulting booth has provided a lot of useful information on training and admission activities of each department. The students and teachers were introduced about the majors and university admission form, admission requirements and learning environment which they intended to apply for this year.

The festival has consulted more than 1200 students on admission and career orientation at lecture hall D5. Most questions of students and teachers focused on form and content of the university’s admission.

In which, the consulting contents need a deep attention to the registration of exam subjects, registration of aspirations, major selection, major characteristics, entrance requirements of the majors, post-graduate job opportunities, admission criteria, priorities for different regional candidates, scholarship programs for students, social assistance, tuition exemptions,  accommodation and living conditions after matriculation.

Dr. Phan Quoc Nghia, the Director of Examination Department said that the career and admission consulting work was particularly interested and actively implemented by Tra Vinh University. In order to prepare for an effective implementation, the university has mobilized a force of specialized training staff of all faculties, departments and centers to consult and provide information on new regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training in the national high school graduation exam and the admission of universities and colleges.

The Day with many cultural and musical activities

Along with career consulting activities, Tra Vinh University has arranged traditional game stalls and food stalls serving traditional dishes made by teachers and students of the university. The stalls are designed and displayed from many unique and creative ideas attracting many teachers and students.

Besides, the program of musical exchange, namely “Singing with TVU Students” with special performances of songs, dances presented by the students has made a vibrant atmosphere leading teachers and students to different emotions.

Nguyen Quoc Hoai, a student of Tra Vinh High School has shared “the Career and Admission Orientation Day was a good opportunity for me and my friends with experiences of the university environment, and get more useful information for our future orientation. The Career and Admission Orientation Day at Tra Vinh University has brought to us many impressive and profound activities”.

In 2019, Tra Vinh University has recruited 58 undergraduate and 33 graduate programs

The training groups focused on fields of Fisheries Agriculture, Technology, Medicine, Foreign Languages, Language – Culture – Southern Khmer Art, Economics – Law, Applied Chemistry, Pedagogy, State Administration – Tourism and Office Administration, Political Theory, Basic Science, University Preparation, Odontology.

In which, the school has recruited 11 new branches including Medical Imaging Techniques, Khmer Pedagogy, Nutrition, Preventive Medicine, Hotel Management, Restaurant and Food Service Management, Mechanical Dynamic Technology, Automotive Technology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, French Language, Chinese Language.

The university’s recruitment has been on three ways which are basing on the result of students in the National High School Exam or on the study results at high school (Transcript of Grade at the class 12) and a direct recruitment for students from specialized high schools or students from Tra Vinh Pedagogical Practice School.