Tra Vinh University’s contributions to training quality human resources


TVU – For many years, Tra Vinh University has risen strongly in education quality, making important contributions to training quality human resources for the Mekong Delta region and the whole country.

Contributing to improving the quality of human resources

For over 17 years, with the support of central ministries and agencies, localities, domestic and foreign business partners and communities, Tra Vinh University unites to overcome difficulties, promoting its potential advantages to improve education quality and train quality human resources. With the motto “Bringing quality learning opportunities to the community”, Tra Vinh University provides multi-disciplinary, multi-level training programs, creating favorable conditions for local people, regions and the whole country to access the learning environment to improve their qualifications.

Professor Dr. Pham Tiet Khanh (center) and Associate Professor Dr. Nguyen Minh Hoa (right) attend the Workshop on Developing Sustainable Partnerships between Vietnam and Canada in Vocational Training and Education organized at Tra Vinh University from March 20-21, 2023.

The university has 2 member schools and 1 pedagogical practice school with over 13 faculties, institutes training… with more than 20,000 students. Tra Vinh University trains 10 doctoral programs, 25 master’s programs; 5 specialty level I programs; 1 specialty level II program; and 52 undergraduate programs. Since 2013, it recruits and receives Cambodian students, many of whom have graduated and returned to work in Cambodia’s localities. Currently, nearly 100 Cambodian students are studying here.

Tra Vinh University develops in an applied direction, applying the educational model of North American countries to Vietnam’s conditions, ensuring students learn in a dynamic, practice-oriented environment. It develops business-cooperative training programs, designed and updated, closely linked with businesses following trends and requirements.

The university also promotes education quality accreditation according to international standards, helping learners access advanced world education. Currently, it has 15 internationally accredited training programs including: 7 programs meeting FIBAA European standards, 7 programs meeting AUN-QA Southeast Asian standards and 1 program meeting ABET American standards. It continues to accredit remaining programs in the coming time.

Promoting scientific research, start-up and innovation spirit

Tra Vinh University successfully implements many applied research topics with high practical value such as the vegetative propagation of coconut peat by embryo and tissue culture techniques; production of disease-free broodstock shrimp; application of IOT projects in rice cultivation; topics on preserving and promoting cultural values.

Associate Professor Dr. Nguyen Minh Hoa signs a MOU with the Creative Student Village, the Invention Village and Innovative Enterprise, and the Mekong Delta Student Startup Support Network.

Tra Vinh University is currently the Chair of the network of innovation and start-up centers at universities and colleges in the Mekong Delta region and regional Head of the Vietnam Logistics Human Resource Development Association in the Mekong Delta… Tra Vinh University Hospital is recognized as a level II facility by the Provincial People’s Committee, providing quality medical examination and treatment for people, while serving as a training, experimentation, and research place for students in health science majors.

The University always pays attention to the role of youth, promoting the strength of young intellectuals. Students continuously receive enthusiastic support and guidance from researchers and teachers when participating in scientific research. In addition, the university builds a network connecting units in research, and start-up innovation, creating connections between students of different majors and faculties to jointly implement many topics.

In 2023, many student start-up projects and topics won prizes at national competitions. The topic “Effects of spent mushroom substrate and supplementary substrates on the growth and yield of straw mushrooms” won the Second Prize in the National Science and Technology Award. The project “Automatic envelope folding machine” wins the Third Prize in the National Student Intelligent Technology Contest. The S2M-Da project from mango peel wins the Third Prize in the National Creative Entrepreneurship Technology Idea Contest. Tra Vinh University students win prizes at the National Informatics Olympiad in 2023.

Tra Vinh University cooperates with over 90 partners, institutes and schools from continents and territories worldwide in training, student exchange, lecturer exchange, volunteer and sponsored project implementation and applied research collaboration. For many consecutive years, Tra Vinh University has been in the top 200 green, sustainable development universities, according to the UI Greenmetric World University Rankings. In 2023, Tra Vinh University continues to rise 43 places in the top 100 universities with positive social impacts and contributions (up 19 places from 2022, up 28 places from 2021, up 43 places from 2020), on the 2023 WURI Ranking.

Uniting to build an advanced university

Professor Dr. Pham Tiet Khanh, Chair of Tra Vinh University’s Council, says the companionship and sharing from international partners, the business community, the efforts of generations of students, staff, teachers, experts, and scientists… have opened new doors, created opportunities and motivated the sustainable development of the university. The university always receives attention and support from the Ministry of Education and Training as well as central ministries and agencies, localities; and enthusiastic support from provincial departments, branches, mass organizations, and local authorities at all levels.

In addition, the rapid development of Tra Vinh University is associated with the profound visions and expectations of generations of provincial leaders over time. Up to now, it can be said that there are 3 strategic decisions including the formation of the Vietnam-Canada Community College project in 2001; the conversion from a college to a university model in 2006; The Resolution of the 11th Provincial Party Congress continues to define the construction of Tra Vinh University according to the model of advanced universities.

Associate Professor Nguyen Minh Hoa, Rector of Tra Vinh University, says in the coming time, they will focus on building Tra Vinh University according to the advanced university model with definitions of the model, especially in university governance organization. Then, in the next stage from 2025-2030, they will focus on investing, developing, and gradually promoting the results of the advanced university model. In addition, they will continue improving the quality of training programs in an applied direction and cooperation with businesses; strengthening scientific research towards application, technology transfer to the community, promoting start-up and innovation activities and community services; developing Tra Vinh University Hospital to serve the community while developing some in-depth specialties to provide treatment solutions for complex diseases. They will also strengthen international cooperation expansion; promoting their national key role in training the Khmer language, culture, and arts in the Mekong Delta region, towards undertaking diverse training tasks with Cambodia, and Laos.