Training Khmer language for staff of An Giang province


(TVU) – On July 09, Mrs. Thach Thi Dan, vice Rector of Tra Vinh university,  welcomed and worked with delegation of the Ethnic Committee of An Giang province. The two sides discussed and decided to open a Khmer language training course for staff of An Giang province under Decision No. 771 of the Prime Minister.

 Mr. Chau Anne, Deputy Head of Ethnic Minority Committee of An Giang province, said that An Giang province had a large number of Khmer people. Training Khmer language for staff and reporters who are in charge of ethnic culture is really necessary. The Chairman of An Giang Provincial People’s Committee allowed the Provincial Ethnic Committee to coordinate with Tra Vinh university to make plan of organizing a training course on Khmer language for staff of An Giang province.

Vice rector Thach Thi Dan affirmed: “The coordination to open a training course on ethnic minority languages, specifically Khmer language in An Giang, shows the deep concern of the provincial leaders in order to contribute to the effective implementation of propagating and mobilizing ethnic minority people to develop socio-economic development according to the Party’s guidelines and policies and the State’s laws, contributing to strengthening the great national unity.”

According to Mrs. Thach Thi Dan, Tra Vinh University was assigned by the Prime Minister to carry out national key tasks which is training human resources for Southern Khmer Language, Culture and Arts to meet the socio-cultural development needs in the South. The Faculty of Southern Khmer Language, Culture and Arts is the place assigned to perform this task.

According to the 2020 plan, An Giang province will send 40 learners who are staff, civil servants and officials who are working on culture and ethnicity to participate in this class. The course is expected to end on December 10 in 2020.