Training on Molecular Biology Techniques for TVU students


TVU – In a collaboration between Tra Vinh University and ABT Biological Solutions Co., Ltd., an overview session and certificate presentations were held on July 28 for the students from the School of Agriculture and Aquaculture who participated in the Molecular Biology Techniques training.


The training program took place on July 27 and 28, 2023, with the involvement of 25 students from the School of Agriculture and Aquaculture of Tra Vinh University majoring in Biotechnology and Aquaculture.


Ms. Nguyen Huynh Cam Tu, a trainer from ABT Biological Solutions Co., Ltd., directly instructed and supervised students on the methods of extracting DNA using silica columns, automated magnetic beads, and real-time PCR. The two days of training gave the students a chance to interact, ask questions, and apply the methods they had just learned on actual samples in the lab, for example, practicing silica column extraction technique, operating automated magnetic bead extractors, along with using various types of real-time PCR equipment.

In the opinion of Dr. Le Truc Linh, Dean of the School of Agriculture and Aquaculture The training program gave students of the Faculty a lot of essential information. Additionally, the program enhanced their understanding by fusing theory with actual practice utilizing modern molecular biology equipment, preparing them for both academic study and future employment.

ABT Biological Solutions Co., Ltd. is one of the biotechnology companies specializing in offering comprehensive solutions in the field of molecular biology diagnostics. Along with that, the vision and mission statement of the company, “aiming toward international market integration,” serves as a bridge to connect scientific advances in biology to practical applications. The position of ABT in the area of molecular biology has been continually reaffirmed through the training program, and it has also effectively established credibility with students, instructors, and lab staff.


By Lan Anh