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TVU Cordyceps mushroom – 6 years of relentless effort to create a distinctive quality


TVU – As a result of six years of research efforts by the Center for Biotechnology and Environment, Faculty of Agriculture and Aquaculture, Tra Vinh University, Dong trung ha thao TVU meets the demanding needs of consumers.

At the end of 2014, Tra Vinh University embarked on the research of Cordyceps mushrooms. By 2021, the university announced the successful development of the cultivation process using red yeast rice substrate and silk-worm excrement substrate.

MA. Nguyen Ngoc Trai, Deputy Director of the Center for Biotechnology and Environment, School of Agriculture and Aquaculture, Tra Vinh University, stated, “Currently, there is a wide range of Cordyceps mushroom products with low levels of medicinal compounds flooding the market, offered at various price points. The Cordyceps mushrooms produced by Tra Vinh University are cultivated on organic substrates, free from any stimulants. They possess high levels of medicinal compounds, stability, and ensure the presence of beneficial medicinal properties, contributing to the health of the community.”

Currently, the products are distributed by TVU Trading and Technology Co., Ltd. (TVUC), a subsidiary of Tra Vinh University (TVU), through various channels including distribution networks and commercial platforms, as well as direct contractual partnerships with the company to facilitate consumer access. The company supplies two main lines of Cordyceps mushrooms: Premium-grade TVU Concentrated and Premium-grade TVU Silk-worm Excrement.

To purchase genuine products, apart from checking the QR code, buyers can visit the company’s official website to seek information, obtain clarification, and acquire authorized distribution addresses for genuine TVU Cordyceps mushrooms.

Mr. Dao Duy Hieu, Director of TVU Trading and Technology Co., Ltd. (TVUC), shared, “The origin of the mushroom strain is one of the essential criteria for evaluating quality. The Cordyceps militaris strain is imported by Tra Vinh University from the National Biological Resource Center (NBRC), National Institute of Technology and Evaluation, Japan, ensuring optimal levels of active compounds. In terms of export direction, we are planning to expand to some countries in the Middle East and Europe.”

Mr. Quyet from Ha Dong, Hanoi, a customer of TVU Cordyceps mushrooms, also shared that since using the health products, he has experienced significant improvements and a more refreshed state of mind.

In order to expand its market, TVUC aims to establish partnerships for production, supply, and technology transfer, with the goal of becoming a leading enterprise in the wholesale and retail sector, providing high-quality materials and services.

To place an order for TVU Cordyceps mushroom products, please contact:
TVU Trading and Technology Co., Ltd.
Address: Lot 1 – C16, My Dinh I Urban Area, Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi City
Phone: 024.2205.6688 – Hotline: 034.681.3388
Website: https://tvuc.com.vn/


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