TVU receives Education Quality Accreditation


(TVU) – Center for Education Accreditation-Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City has offered the certificate of the education quality recognition to Tra Vinh University which is the 9th university meeting the quality accreditation standards according to the new set of criteria by the Ministry of Education and Training.

From July 26th-31st, 2019, Center for Education Accreditation – Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City officially conducted the assessment to the TVU educational quality according to the criteria set of quality assessment issued by Ministry of Education and Training.

The external assessment team evaluated the evidence towards 25 standards with 111 criteria, according to four areas including strategic quality assurance, system quality assurance, quality assurance on performing functions (training, scientific research, community service) and performance results, followed by positive feedback and comments about strengths and weaknesses for further improvement.  

At the same time, the team interviewed 10 groups inside and outside the university including the university leaders, administrative management staff, professional managers, lecturers, support staff, students, alumni and employers. In addition, the team took observation on the teaching and learning activities of the university, extracurricular activities and visited sites on the campus as part of assessment.

Tra Vinh University has been recognized for its educational quality when this university has achieved the results in the four areas with the average score from 4.0/7.0 points per each.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Ngoc Quynh Lam, Deputy Director of the Center highly appreciated the effort and collaboration of the university during the assessment process. “This demonstrates its quality commitment and transparency”, said she.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pham Tiet Khanh, TVU Rector said: “TVU always strives to make continuous improvement in education and training gradually towards international integration, and we are truly recognized meeting the quality accreditation standards by the Ministry of Education and Training.”

Furthermore, the university is on its way to gradually standardize training programs based on international training quality. Up to present, TVU has had six training programs to be assessed based on international quality accreditation standards. Recently, the FIBAA assessment team (Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation) has accredited four degree programs consisting of accounting, business administration, economics, finance – banking, while in last October 2019, two more training programs of the School of Agri-aquaculture were assessed based on AUN-QA (ASEAN University Network-Quality Assurance).

TVU is planning to continue to ask for assessment on engineering and technology based on ABET standards.

TVU is the pioneer university in the country that signed the Talloires Declaration in 2013 making commitment to building a comprehensive green university. In 2018, TVU ranked 256th in the top 300 universities in the world with the most sustainable and environmentally friendly development by UI GreenMetric World University Rankings. According to the 2017 Webometrics rankings, Tra Vinh University ranked 2nd in the Mekong Delta region and 14th in Vietnam.

TVU has also applied effective quality management system to meet ISO 9001-2015. Currently, TVU is the member of CDIO and also the 151st member – the only international member of the Canadian Community College Association (ACCC), currently the Association of Canadian Universities and Colleges (CICan).

Minh Nhut