TVU student participates in Singapore’s NGO Bootcamp


SINGAPORE – From 11th to 15th of May, TVU School of Foreign Languages Trieu To Hoa participated in a five-day Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) Bootcamp organised by Yale-NUS college in Singapore.

Trieu To Hoa (dressed in red) discussing with her group on NGOs management

Hoa was among 50 students both from Yale-NUS and National University of Singapore.

Students were taught essential skills and knowledge required for working in the non-profit sector through workshop-style programmes, seminars and case studies.

“I’ve worked with a team of highly experienced professionals who led the various sessions of this NGO Bootcamp,” said Hoa, the fourth year student at TVU Foreign Languages School. “And the five-day bootcamp actually boosts my knowledge of how NGOs work, and on how communications and critical thinking skills are a must to be successful in today’s globalised society.”

Trainers are from Yale–NUS faculties and NGOs including the Association of Women for Action and Research, National University of Singapore’s Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health.

This five-day intensive training gave Trieu To Hoa a good opportunity to study in a typical Singaporean class where thinking skills are highly valued and appreciated.

Hoa’s thesis work on translation topic for her bachelor’s degree at SFL was due on Friday 15, May, the day she was at the Singapore-based bootcamp.

“I was lucky to have great support from the School of Foreign Languages,” said Hoa. “The Board understands my situation and allows me one week extension.”

Yale-NUS is a liberal arts college in Singapore that is the result of a collaboration between Yale University and the National University of Singapore.

News: Hong Kel

Photo: Alodi Nodi