TVU students spread environmental protection activities


On October 30, after the end of the Boat Race Competition 2020 on the occasion of the “Ooc Om Boc” Festival in Tra Vinh province, TVU Youth Union and Student Association have implemented waste collection activities, attracting hundreds of volunteer students to respond. The amount of waste generated is quite a lot, mainly plastic bottles, plastic bags for water. After more than 1 hour of cleaning, all were collected and returned to the cleanness of the urban landscape, where the main event took place within the framework of the “Ooc Om Boc” Festival programs of the Khmer People.

The Vice Secretary of the Youth Union, President of TVU Student Association, Mr. Nguyen Van Tho said that after the competition come to end, the Youth Union members and TVU students cooperate with mass organizations in Tra Vinh city to collect garbage to keep the street environment “green – clean – beautiful”. Through this activity, each member will be an active advocate to the people about the harms of plastic waste and have a better sense of protecting the environment.

In addition to collecting rubbish along the track and on the river, the students enthusiastically helped families to collect rubbish in the embankment area and received a lot of praise and support from local people.

A resident of Ward 5, Tra Vinh City, Mr. Pham Minh Tri said: “After these races, young people, the unions often have garbage collection activities, sometimes even paddle to collect rubbish on the river.”

Student of the Bachelor of Pharmacy course 2020, Tran Thanh Duom said: “This is a meaningful activity, helping us to be more conscious in protecting the environment. Since then, promoting the spirit of excitement and volunteering of the TVU youth through volunteer activities for community life.”

Ngoc Thu