TVU students: Startups 2019


(TVU) – Tra Vinh University students have recently introduced their initiatives with two startup projects of “Nano- zinc containing biological products” and “Automatic Controlling and monitoring to fans of industrial shrimp farming” in the competition “Startups 2019” held by the Ministry of Education and Training.

The purpose of the project “Nano- zinc containing biological products” is to produce zinc-containing bio-products that prevent diseases and bacteria on fruits, thereby creating friendly environment and protecting consumers’ health. 


Project leader Pham An Duong Khang, TVU student in chemical engineering technology 2015 said: “Nano zinc-containing biological products with original process and low costs are able to resist diseases and harmful bacteria on fruits effectively through their features, but still ensure friendliness to consumers and environment.” 

 “This project helps people in the locality in particular and in the country in general to deal with climate change, which creates favorable condition for the growth of diseases on fruits”, said Nguyễn Vân Phương, a project team member. 

With another project titled “Automatic Controlling and monitoring to fans of industrial shrimp farming”, the group authors expect to bring labor-safety products, which help people save employment hiring costs, to users. 

Sharing of the project effectiveness, team leader Tran Phuoc Dat said: “This project’s feasibility is high because of its useful features in technological application to agriculture.” 

Minh Nhut