TVU students win National Mechanical Olympic prizes 2019


TVU – On the morning of May 19th, the closing ceremony on the offering of National Mechanical Olympic prizes 2019 for the Southern region took place at University of Architecture Ho Chi Minh City with the participation of over 500 candidates. Two excellent TVU students honorably received the incentive prizes.

The competition was organized across three regions in Vietnam, with the participation of thousands of students from all institutions nationwide. This year, there were 11 TVU members taking part in this competition, through which they had to pass several subjects related to technical mechanics, structural mechanics, and IT application.

Tran Son Lam, student in construction 2017 and Phan Hong Duc, student in mechanical engineering 2016 won these prizes and received the certificates of merit from Vietnam Mechanics Association. “This is highly competitive with the participation of thousands of candidates nationwide, so we have to make our great effort as much as we can. Through this competition, we feel more confident and learn more about experience from our peers, as well as foster skills and our professional knowledge”, expressed Tran Son Lam.

The National Mechanical Olympics Competition, which is co-organized annually by the Ministry of Education and Training, Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations, Vietnam Mechanics Association and the Central Association of Vietnamese Students, has promoted students’ motivation in study and research, contributing to increase the quality of teaching and learning in mechanics, thereby fostering young talents.

Minh Nhut