TVU to be selected for MRI project with Columbia University, USA.


(TVU) – The latest announcement by Prof. Dr. John Thomas Vaughan-Columbia University, Tra Vinh University (TVU) will be in the priority list in Phase-II project as a satellite of the MRI scanner technology research center – one of the most modern imaging diagnostic technologies in the world today. Accordingly, TVU is the only university in Vietnam in the project of magnetic resonance imaging technology – the most modern MRI of Columbia University – New York, USA

According to Dr. David Nghiem – Founder and Managing Director of Global Wireless Technology Corporation, who is also the main contact between TVU and Dr. Vaughan, said that Dr. Vaughan’s project will continue to be implemented in phase 2 and TVU is honored to be selected as the only university in Vietnam. He hoped that it would help people get easier access to this most modern technology.

The partners in this phase-II project also consist of Harvard University, University of Sao Paolo of Brazil, Institute of Medical Sciences, India and Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Dr. Nguyen Minh Hoa, Dean of TVU school of Engineering and Technology gave big thanks to Dr. Vaughan and David Nghiem when TVU is selected as a partner member with Columbia University. He added that this offers ample opportunity for TVU students, staff and faculty members to access this advanced technology. He hopes that TVU will keep connecting with scientists and experts in the field of science and technology towards bringing the best learning opportunity for students in TVU in particular.

Minh Nhut