TVU with a national scientific seminar of the Southwest culture


On August 17, Tra Vinh University has held a national scientific seminar “Culture in sustainable development in the southwestern region – current situation and solutions”. The Organizers of the seminar said that in a short time, they received 58 presentations, showing that cultural issues in sustainable development in the Southwest have attracted the attention of a large number of scientists and managers, graduate students, trainees, students in the country.

Photo: Binh Nguyen

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Pham Tiet Khanh – TVU Rector said: “Many articles are elaborate, serious and have high scientific content; comments and reviews in the articles clearly show the scientific spirit and enthusiasm of the writers.”

The topics analyzed mainly in the speeches include: determining the relationship between the Southwest culture and sustainable development; identifying the characteristics and values of the Southwest culture; lessons learned from countries and regions in the world, etc.

According to the delegates, in the current globalization and international integration context, the southwestern region is facing many new opportunities and challenges. In fact, the Southwest is a land that is sensitive to natural changes. The serious impact of climate change has significantly affected the traditional cultural customs and practices of residents in working, staying, traveling, eating, drinking, and entertainment. It requires a new vision, new solutions to mobilize maximum resources, and the participation of all economic sectors to contribute to the sustainable development of the Southwestern region, including cultural factors.

Ảnh: Bình Nguyên
Photo: Binh Nguyen

The presentations provide the scientific basis for the appropriate orientations and solutions to promote the active role of the Southwest culture in the current regional development; at the same time contribute materials for researching and teaching about the Southwest culture; analyze the current situation and propose solutions to exploit regional cultural values in economic development and sustainable tourism in the Southwest region in particular, Vietnam in general.

Ngoc Thu