TVU’s green volunteers support the National Exam season in Tra Vinh province


TVU – On the morning of June 28th, along with over 1 million candidates nationwide, more than 9,000 candidates from Trà Vinh province officially entered the 2023 High School Graduation Exam. With the slogan “Be confident, we are here for you,” the volunteer students from Tra Vinh University are ready to accompany the candidates throughout this year’s exam in various ways.


The 2023 Exam Support Program takes place in Trà Vinh province for three days, from June 27th to June 29th, 2023. Tra Vinh University mobilizes over 500 volunteers divided into 9 teams stationed in different cities, towns, and districts across the province to assist the candidates during the High School Graduation Exam.

Starting from the afternoon of June 27th, candidates arrived at the exam centers to complete the necessary procedures and familiarize themselves with the exam regulations. Therefore, the youth volunteer force has completed all the organization steps and is ready to accompany the candidates.

To provide timely support for the candidates participating in the exam, the Student Union has established 31 youth volunteer groups to engage in activities such as assisting in the transportation of candidates, maintaining traffic order and safety at school gates, providing drinking water, breakfast, face masks, and stationery to serve the exam. They have also widely disseminated information channels to receive support and mobilized all social resources to contribute to the 2023 High School Graduation Exam.

The “Exam Support Program” in 2023 has been innovated in terms of guidance and organization to provide the best assistance for the candidates. Affiliated units have carried out various activities to support and encourage the spirit of the students before participating in the graduation exam, creating the best conditions for them to participate with peace of mind and ensuring that the exam takes place safely, seriously, and in accordance with the regulations.


Through voluntary activities during the exam, it is an opportunity to demonstrate the determination, enthusiasm, and creativity of the youth from Tra Vinh University, as well as to spread the impact in society about the meaningful activities of the green-shirted volunteers, contributing to a friendly and positive image of the university’s students to the community.

Before the exam day, many beautiful wishes from the university students were sent to the candidates, hoping for their calmness and confidence to achieve high results in this year’s high school exam.

This year, Tra Vinh has 31 exam venues (30 official venues) with 490 examination rooms (402 official rooms). The province has a total of 9,196 registered candidates. The exam centers are located at high schools and secondary schools in 9 districts, towns, and cities across the province.