Welcome graduation season with increasing practical experience for students


To create job opportunities for students after graduation, Tra Vinh University always determines that students should be experienced in practice at the enterprise and have mature soft skills. Since October 2013, the university has introduced soft skill program to students and enhanced dialoge with enterprises to listen and understand the needs of both parties.

Dialogues for development

In the meeting of enterprises and students held in May and June, representatives of the university, faculty leaders and numerous final-year students of the Department of Agriculture – Fisheries who have just completed their practical experience program at the enterprises. The students reported to lecturers about their practice results. Then the enterprises gave their feedback on students’ professional skill, proposed and recommended to supplement necessary knowledge to meet actual requirements of enterprises. The practical experience of students in enterprises is the most lively lesson, helping them apply their knowledge and skills that learned at school in real production and research.

Mr. Pham Minh Kha, representative of Vibo Co., Ltd. specializing in animal and aquatic feed, said: “My company has welcomed many students who come to practice. In overall, most of TVU students have good consciousness. Their professional skill well meet our job requirements. However, there should be some adjustments to better meet coming requirements. I think that these dialogues are very practical and necessary. That is not only good for students but also for enterprises. This year, our company needs to recruit 30 – 40 employees. We will give some more specific requirements for the university and students to complement. Tra Vinh University is always our priority in recruiting”.

To give comment on bringing students to practice in the enterprises, Mr. Diep Thanh Toan – Deputy Head of Fisheries Department, Coop program coordinator, said: Giving students a chance to practice in enterprises is considered as the main task in our training activities. Working in the enterprises give students an opportunity to experience so that they can check if their knowledge and skill at school are close to reality. In addition, we think that the better the theory is, the more practice we need to do. For enterprises, not only help students understand works but also directly give their evaluation and comment constributing to adjust the university’s training activities. What the faculty and the university leaders aim for are the training products to adapt and meet the needs of enterprises.

Being with a great experience opens more job opportunities for students

The group of students in Aquaculture in course 2016 includes Nguyen Tri Nguyen, Mai Minh Dien, Vo Tan Phat, Nguyen Quan Trieu and Nguyen Loc Ninh, who participate in fishery extension in Dinh An commune, Tra Cu district, Tra Vinh province said happily, “The experience is really fun. We were directly involved in shrimp production at the farm. What we have learnt from my teachers at school are now clearer. Day by day, we are familiar with many kinds of works including installing oxygen propellers, installing fans in the pond, making gas pipes, lining the pond with canvas, releasing shrimps into the tank, observing shrimp in the nursery tank, improving the pond, installing water pumps, water treatment …

Be happy by growing successful baby frogs from tadpoles

This year, Nguyen Thanh Nhi, student of the Agriculture and Fisheries Faculty in course 2015, has not come to the enterprises. Instead, Nhi has chosen to stay at the university’s Breeding Center to practice studying the process of raising frogs, specifically to learn how to grow baby frogs from tadpoles. Every day, she wakes up early to read books or lessons about frogs’ maturation and reproductive process, then at about 8a.m she will be at the center to take care of the breeding process of frogs. Thanh Nhi shared that: “ I live in Duyen Hai district, Tra Vinh city. My house has a shrimp farm. My wish is to become a fishery engineer to help my family, and if possible, I will apply for a job near my home so that I can apply my practical knowledge and skill to enrich my homeland.”

Le Thi Hong Ngan, student of course 2016, has followed her teacher to stay at the lab to study shrimp seed production. Ngan’s work everyday is to perform sequentially the steps of learning water samples and shrimp, doing biological tests, making antibiotics, testing some kinds of herbs … When being asked how the experimental work attached, Ngan replied: “Practice is always more interesting and more attractive than theory. I realy love to study about shrimp, so I do this practice without feeling of tiredness. Every day, I go to the lab and experiment from 7:30 a.m. Sometimes I work until 1-2 pm without having lunch. When I find that I am hungry, I run into the canteen to get a bread. There are also some days when I work until late at night”. 

Giving students a good practical experience has been effectively implemented by Tra Vinh University for long time. Coop training programs (linking enterprises to the university) which were implemented since 2007 have brought high practical value. The university’s Coop training programs are developed and updated periodically through the Program Advisory Board with fully represents of all components including enterprises, experts, scientists, engineers and technicians. … The criterion is to reduce theoretical subjects and enhance the proportion of subjects on practical career skill experience, extracurricular and intellectual capacity development. All are directed to the best quality training to meet the requirements of enterprises and to create job opportunities for students – Vice Rector Vo Hoang Khai.